Thursday, February 9, 2017

Man whose wife allegedly grabs and twists his scrotum asks court to dissolve the marriage

Businessman, Moshood Adedapo, 75, has asked an Igando Customary Court to end his marriage to his wife of 20 years, Balikis, allegedly because she constantly grabs and twists his scrotum whenever they fight.
Moshood who has three children with Balikis revealed to the court that his wife has made his life and that of their children miserable.
 She is always quick to reach for his genitals at the slightest provocation and she never lets him go until he cries and begs.
“Whenever my wife and I are fighting, she will quickly grab my testicles and start twisting them. She will not leave my two balls until I beg and cry." 
“Last week, she came to my room while I was fast asleep and grabbed my scrotum, saying I will not escape this time. I was crying and shouting for help, neighbours rushed to rescue me, but still my wife refused to let go until I struggled to bite her hands and she released them."
“It was after 20 minutes, I was able to regain consciousness; my two balls have suffered in the hands of my wicked wife. Please, dissolve the marriage because I may not be lucky next time,” he pleaded with the court.
 Moshood described his wife as a troublesome person who quarrels with, not just him, but with the neighbours, friends and even his family. He also revealed that she accuses him of sorcery and trying to kill her. Each time she sees an animal, say a cockroach, she begins to accuse him of sending it to attack her.
He told the court that he no longer loves her and that he wanted the marriage to be over so that he could live longer.
The Court’s President, Mr Adegboyega Omilola, asked Moshood to produce evidence in order to continue with the case since his wife refused to appear in court. The case was adjourned to April 4 for judgment.

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