Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Nigerian pastor urges married women who are working to submit their salaries to their husbands at the end of the month

A pastor's sermon on Sunday has become the subject of a heated debate on Twitter after a church member shared one of the topics raised by the pastor in his Sunday preaching.

In his sermon, the pastor told all married women who wanted to have a happy home that the key to that is to submit their salaries to their husbands monthly.
If she needs money for anything, she is to go to the husband and plead for money to meet her needs, but he has to be the one in charge of the money.He was, however, quick to secure his interest by reminding the women to remove their tithe first before submitting the rest of the salary to her husband, you know, just in case the man will refuse to give her money out of her salary to pay the tithe.

What's surprising is that a few Twitter users agree with him, most of them male users. One replied, saying,

"If you can't entrust (him) with a salary, how can you trust him with leading you thru life, trust him to father your children."

The same user went on to suggest that women who wouldn't hand over their salaries to their husbands should get divorced.

Lol. Funny people.

See more on the conversation below...

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