Tuesday, February 28, 2017

'Tonto Dikeh threatened Churchill, said she would release lies about him online' inside source tells LIB exclusively

The last has not been heard about the battle going on between Tonto Dikeh and her estranged husband, Chruchill Olakunle. Last week, Tonto said she lied when she claimed online that Chruchill bought her several expensive gifts including a Lexus and Prado SUV. She accused him of being a woman beater, a cheater and that she gave him STDs. But according to someone close to Churchill who reached out to LIB, all these are lies.
"They are all lies. If Churchill had ever laid hands on Tonto, she would have photo evidence, that's the kind of person she is. She would have taken photos. She was the violent one. She set fire to his clothes and destroyed proterty worth millions in their home
She claimed he never bought her all those gifts but she returned the Lexux jeep he bought for her and kept the Prado. She drives a Prado, can she afford to buy one herself? She just became bitter. And she was always threatening him, saying she would go online and release lies about him and ruin his life and career because for some reason, she thinks she made him.
Olakunle is not perfect but he's not the devil she's painting him. This is a man who bought a G-Wagon for her dad.
She was still using drugs and Olakunle was seeking help for her as he was committed to their relationship.

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