Sunday, March 5, 2017

From blogs to books: Introducing Olu Bethel's 'I Got Pregnant'.

As Mass Communication graduates, some of us are in love with writing, while some are 'too busy' to sit down and write their untold story. I was so happy when my fellow communicator and word smith, Bunmi Babs told me her book is ready for publish (she told me when she started so, I was waiting for the completion news), I screamed over the roof top and found my phone's dial button immediately; I placed a call to her amidst laughter and words of prayer. I couldn't wait to share the struggle and success of my fellow woman with y'all on this platform. Please join me as I welcome the newest publisher on Amazon, that will soon be a bestseller (I told her so with faith), OLU BETHEL aka Bunmi Babs (to her polytechnic friends). I love the cover, and after reading the intro of the book, I can't wait to dissect the whole chapters. Read sneak peek of the book below...

"When an unwed 'church girl' gets pregnant, the first thing to go is her spiritual dignity, with her every sense of worthiness following right after. I know this," says Olubunmi Bethel, pro blogger turned author, in her new book titled 'I Got Pregnant'.

In the book, she discusses what it costs to keep it together outside when it is pure chaos inside, chipping in simple inside-out tricks to help young single moms make their new life work.

"This is your life now," she says, "you cannot ditch it for what you used to have, no matter how much you want your 'life back'. But if you put in the right effort, you'd find that this is purpose right here, and you'd live thriving in your truth."

I Got Pregnant also features some of the author's personal struggles and victories which she shares in the hope of convincing at least one young girl or mom that it won't always be night no matter how thick the darkness; and sometimes it is the seemingly wrong life turns that bring us to our right place in destiny.

The book, now available for Kindle on Amazon, can be gotten via the author's website at

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