Thursday, May 25, 2017


A father and daughter duo have broken the Internet with their stunning photos showcasing their natural hair.

New York artist Benny Harlem shares photos of himself and his adorable daughter Jaxyn on Instagram.

Their close bond and voluminous hair have gained them over 350,000 followers on social media.

Speaking to The Huffington Post Benny revealed that he decided to share their unique look and special relationship to social media to “bring back that feeling of family and fatherhood.”

Harlem says he was inspired by the TV sitcoms he grew up watching and decided to showcase his bond with his daughter Jaxyn online.

“Social media has become the new nightly show so I want to put positivity in the mind of our fathers. We are the foundation behind the future,” he said.

In an interview with XO Necole, Benny says that he puts his daughter “on a pedestal,” and wants to act as a positive role model for her at all times.

“What my daughter knows is that if she loves herself first, love will align in her friendships, relationships, and all aspects of her life,” he said in the interview.

Part of Benny’s message for daughter Jaxyn is for her to embrace her natural hair and to teach her self-love and respect because “if you don’t have that then what’s the point?”

He also told PAPER magazine: ‘I don’t think the movement of men growing their hair is as big as it can be, but I’m hoping more men will find pride in growing their hair out and wearing it as a crown of glory. It’s a crown. Why would we shave our crowns?’

Harlem is also an aspiring singer – songwriter and model. But he credits being a father as the most important thing in his life.

And his daughter feels the exact same way. In a Father’s Day Instagram post, Jaxyn wrote a heartwarming message to her loving father.

Jaxyn said: ‘Dear, Daddy no one loves you like I do… Thank you for daddy-daughter Saturday’s because I love that day so much. Thank you for making me know to love myself a lot. I love you so much daddy. Happy Fathers Day – Jaxyn Harlem. P.S: Thank you for helping me Mommy. I love you.’

‘I teach her my daughter to walk in her natural elegance, and I make it a point to show her that she’s protected daily. That way, she remains fearless,’ he added.

See Photos below:

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