Friday, May 12, 2017

Tension As Witness Slumps, Vomits Blood And Dies Before Giving Testimony In Lagos Court

Tension and gloom filled the air at an Ikeja High Court yesterday after a witness scheduled to testify in a Land dispute case which was brought before the court slumped before it and died within the court premises after vomiting blood.

Reports revealed that the witness who is yet to be named was before his death in his 30s and was inside the court room awaiting to give his testimony when he started coughing severely and gasping for air.

He was reported to have walked outside the court premises to catch his breath, waiting for the coughing to subside but instead it continued leading to his collapse on the floor of the court house’s corridor.

He was reported to have soon after started vomiting blood and was attended to by a team of medical doctors who rushed him out of the court house in an ambulance.

The lawyer in the case however revealed to the court presided over by Justice O.A Olayinka that the witness had been certified dead.

The court president, Justice Olayinka was reported to have immediately halted all proceedings scheduled for the day after the news.

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