Saturday, August 26, 2017

Graduate Turns Nkwobi Seller Shares Her Stories

My name is Chukwudumebi Edike, I am a graduate of Delta state university, studied human kinetics and health education(class of 2015), I am a model and an entrepreneur. In June 2016 I was posted to Abuja for my NYSC, during my service year, I engaged in ushering activities for events like  seminars, conference, birthday e.t.c,

During one of my ushering activities in an agrobusiness summit in April  2016,I got an idea on how to earn a lot of money via agriculture they mentioned a lot of livestock farming with explanations,  but didn't  say much about snail. When I  got home I thought about the snail farming and decided to give it a try,  so after my NYSC (POP which was on the  4th of May 2016) I used the 2 months allawee plus my little savings to get what I needed for the snail business and started a small snail farm on the  9th of May, I opened a mail with my business name and a page on facebook @dumz snail and instagram @dumz _snail to create awareness about my business.

I started  with frozen, peppered , nkwobi and vegetable snail. So far I have been able to pay my bills and live a comfortable life,  and also have been able to be an employer of labour and reduce unemployment in my little way.

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