Friday, August 11, 2017

VIEWERS DISCRETION: Ritual Underground Hideout Discovered At Ijaiye Bus-Stop Lagos

This is how the hideout was discovered. A woman early in morning hears the cry coming out from underground shouting help o, help o. The woman quickly rushed to call the area boy in the area. To their surprise there are a lot of underground buildings and roads where people pass through everyday. So police were contacted when some of them entered the underground 3 of the ritual killer were arrested.

One of the ritual confessed to the manner in which they kill people everyday. He said at least he kills about five people everyday. there victims mostly women. A lot of female underwear were discovered. He also said that, that is their headquarter in Lagos. They have many branches in Lagos, places like Ikorodu, Agege and other places.

After hours of confession, He was lynched although police tried to save him but people overpower him.

The last one that was lynched said he cannot die when they put fire on him. truly he refused to die until boys break his head and other part of his body and put fire on him.

Source: My State News

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