Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Help! My Girlfriend Prefers to Use S*x Toys to Satisfy Herself Than Have S*x with Me

A man has written relationship expert, Deidre as he cannot understand why his girlfriend prefers s*x toys to him.

"My partner is just 23 but she has lost her s*x drive to the extent that I’m lucky if we have s*x once a month. I am 27.

She has s*x toys which she will use to pleasure herself several times a week. They are not a problem for me but I become almost jealous that I am being left out.

She will not let me see her n*ked below the waist and the room has to be dark and her face covered.

There was a time when we kissed and cuddled often. Now I have to ask for it and when I do, I am told “Later” or “I am too tired.”

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