Wednesday, September 27, 2017

[PHOTOS] Indian Father Of Two Abandons His Family To Live With Cows Who Saved His Life

A 44-year-old married father-of-two, Vijay Parsana, has abandoned his family to live full-time with cows who he thanks for saving his life.

He left his family five years back and started living in a religious retreat, about four miles away from his home in Ahmedabad, in Gujarat, India, to spend time with his cows.

Vijay eats the cows’ urine and dung, bathes, watches television and shares his bed with them in a religious retreat. He claims that the animals saved him from his bad gambling habit.

‘My love for cows is unexplainable. There’s nothing dearer to me than my cows.
‘When I’m with them I forget the world. When I’m with them, nothing in the world worries me.
‘We’ve developed a special connection and my family is really happy for me.
‘I believe I understand them and they understand me. I share all my joys and sorrows with them.’

Vijay who now owns over 2,000 other animals including peacocks, rabbits, birds and snakes, allegedly spent £20,000 on a lavish wedding for two of his cows that he credited for changing his life.

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