Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Lady Beaten & Stripped After She Jumped Fence To Steal

I guess this lady needs help, but some people will rather visit jungle justice rather than help her case.

According to Arc. Paschal Chike Umeobi she was caught by vigilante in Ezinifite, in Anambra State and for what? For trying to steal something to eat. Sigh! Read the story...

"She allegedly jumped the fence and burgled a building just to steal biscuit but luck ran out of her when one of the vigilantes perceived an unknown intruder and tried to stop her to prove she was good at what she does she tried to [run] which prompted the vigilante to shot at her but she dodged the bullet and jumped through other fence and landed in another compound.

The owners of the house had to raise an alarm and she was apprehended.

It added that, when she was interrogated, the lady said she went there to get something to eat and not to look for/steal money."

We should ask question... "When will government create a proper social security for poor Nigerians?"

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