Monday, February 26, 2018

Actress Biodun Okeowo places curse on a fan who said she doesn’t care for her mother

Nollywood actress, Biodun Okeowo has taken to social media to place a huge curse on a fan of hers whom she said gave a wrong information about her. According to the curvy actress, the fan slammed her for not taking good care of her mother whom she has abandoned in Ijebu, a town in Ogun state, southwest Nigeria. Read the lady’s comment below.

Your mama dey starve for Ijebu here. You dey do fashion parade anyhow for here. All those two children sef you no go reap the fruit of your labour on them…

The Yoruba actress however denied such allegation stating that her mother lives with her and not in ijebu. She went further to place a curse on the lady whom she believes hid behind a private Instagram account to spew bitter rants at her. She prayed that all the mothers of this world will connive against her with curses for the wrong information she gave concerning her matter. Read her reply to the lady.

Good morning fams! I overlook most things but when it comes to curses and that, that has to do with my kids I don’t keep calm. Please fams one word for this idiot. Because right now I don’t understand why some people will hide under private page to perpetrate an evil act like this. A curse on a mum who’s struggling on her kids…. Girl I place all the curses in the Bible on you @ola_mi_de gbogbo awon abiyamo aye ati orun won a panu po sepe fun e
For your information girl, my mother lives with me she’s not in Ijebu. I know you will deactivate this account soon but all the curses shall follow you, wherever you go in Jesus Name too Amen!

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