Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Banky W dished out a clapback when asked about his wedding ring.

A curious fans has gotten the clapback of her life after she asked Banky W a question on social media. The star singer had posted a picture of himself preparing for an event when the fan badged in on him. His Gucci muffler nor his awesome shades were not nice enough to catch her eyes; what caught her attention was something he wasn’t putting on – his wedding ring.

After the lavish marriage union that started from a movie straight to a much publicized proposal in Dubai, a lavish traditional wedding in Lagos, a white wedding in South Africa and a thanksgiving ceremony at a Church in UK, it is only normal for a fan to wonder why Banky W is not wearing his wedding ring barely 4 months into the marriage, but had some other ring on.

Well, typical of celebs, Banky gave the lady a clapback after she asked to know why he doesn’t have his ring on. The singer in return asked where her own husband is.

Or could it be that the singer not putting on his ring signify that he’s ready to play like a Yoruba Demon? Recall that the singer turn actor recently gushed over a picture posted by Tiwa Savage. The picture shared on Instagram shows Tiwa flaunting her backside and curves which a married Banky probably found enticing. He was tempted to like the picture but didn’t want to send the wrong message to his wife, Adesua Etomi, whom he married last year. He had to just drop a comment requesting for permission from his wife to like the picture. He wrote:

Eez like we will haff toh ask for permission toh like dis one ohhh Sis

An understanding Adesua responded after she saw the comment her R&B and actor husband dropped on the picture. She said,

@bankywellington carry go. I totally understand 

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