Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Ghanian Boxer Batters Comedian On TV Show

Michael Okine, a Ghanaian boxer, popularly known as Ayittey Powers, was caught beating a comedian, Baba Spirit, during a live interview on an Accra-based TV station.

During a TV programme that the two were guests in and abruptly during the interview, Ayittey Powers got up and started beating Baba Spirit.

He started his fight by saying, “If I knew you were going to invite this boy here, I wouldn’t have come in the first place.”

He then launched a furious attack on Baba Spirit who was still sitting helplessly.

The show host became frightened and started screaming for help.

The cameramen and the rest of the crew’s prompt intervention saved the struggle from turning bloody.

Yen.com state, this is not the first time Ayittey Powers and Baba Spirit have engaged in an argument.

The duo had an incident last July in the studios of an Accra-based FM station.

Baba Spirit taunted Ayittey Powers for losing badly to Bukom Banku in a fight, and even saying as skinny as he was, he could easily beat Powers.

He added that Ayittey is so weak that even his wife beats him.

This made Ayittey Powers, very angry and he warned Baba Spirit to be very careful of him.

Baba joins the set at the 2-minute mark and the fight ensues at around 2.30.

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