Sunday, February 4, 2018



The Senate of the University of Benin led by vice chancellor professor FFO orunmwense rusticates the SUG president and four other students leaders

The student were rusticated for being part of a peaceful protest of the mass of UniBen students against the UniBen management astronomical hike in school and hostel accommodation fees.
The UniBen students held a General Assembly on the 21st of November, 2017. The GA deliberated on the astronomical hike in school and hostel accomodation fees, and thus collectively agreed that the management should immediately reverse its decision on hike, considering the current economical hardship on the poor Nigerian parents.

Rather than addressing the demands of protest, however, the professor Orunwense led management deployed soldiers to repress UniBen students, undemocratically suspended the students union government, tyranically locked up the students union secretariat, and now, rusticated five final year students.

Names of the rusticated students are:
1. Ogbidi osemudiamen(Sug president)
2. Ehiabhi goodnews (sug public relations officer)
3. Adenagbon Justus (sug sec gen)
4. Ehizuwa (assistant sec gen)
5) Patrick majekodunmi AKA Shankara (student leader).

Below are the pictures of the rusticated students of the institution and the news letter of their rustication by the senate of the school



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