Sunday, March 11, 2018

“I Feel Like A Woman Trapped In A Man’s Body”– 26 Year Old Transgender Reveals

Sometimes, when you are not in the shoes of someone, it’s hard to understand how they feel. Rather than been judgemental all of the time, take a second to reflect on how you would react if you are the one who finds yourself in such a situation.

This is the story of another transgender known as Golden, who was born as a male but has decided to transition to become a female.

Yes, she looks like a girl now and I am sure if you come across her in town, you wouldn’t know she was once a man. Speaking to Ghone News, Golden says, she started by cross-dressing as she couldn’t fit in with boys. She feels she’s a girl trapped in a boy’s body.

Golden is not the first transgender we’ve heard of in Ghana, although there are many of them out there, she’s the second transgender who has come out to speak publicly on the matter. Recall we shared with you a story of another transgender known as Madina Broni.

She revealed in her interview that, she had the chance to transition some 5 years ago when she went to Miss Earth in the Philipines as a make-up artist. She said that she saw lots of females make up artiste and it was during their conversations, that she realized they were all transgenders as well and with their help, she (or he, anyone bia) was able to also transition into a female.

Although she has not touched her male organ yet, she hopes to change it next year and then fully alter her documents, to be regarded as a woman by law.

Watch her interview here.

Source: Ghbase

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