Saturday, March 31, 2018

I love to dress well – Steve Crown

Steve Crown is a renowned worship leader who came to limelight with powerful songs such as: “You are Great”, “We wait on you”,”All the Glory”…etc. From his humble beginning, Steve braced the odds to worm his way into the heart of many with his style of music.

He is the President of Lake Light Entertainment, an outfit that houses a record label. He is the host of the yearly international worship event tagged: Nations Will Rise and Sing. He has also embarked on a project, which objective is to pick young and talented kids off the streets and send them back to school.
He spoke about his favourites.

What is your favourite colour?
My favourite colour is white. White is heavenly and royal, it’s meek, it’s Holy Ghost filled, it’s nature. I can go on and on.
Favourite food?
Favourite weather?
Cold weather.
Favourite book?
Joel Osteen.
Who is your favourite leader?
My dad.
Favourite sport?
Football. I don’t watch TV that much but if you catch me watching TV it’s got to be a football match.
Favourite fashion accessory?
Well, I can’t really point out one. But I love to dress well.
What is your favourite quote?
(They are my quotes) Your goal should be fame, it should be impact. A man has not truly succeeded if he has not left a part of himself with someone else. Another of my favourite quotes is: Anyone can pray for you, but no one can worship God for you”.
Favourite holiday spot?
Dubai and Switzerland

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