Sunday, March 4, 2018

Married Man Flogs Wife With Belt After Being Caught Out With Another Woman

A bizarre drama scene out of a movie occurred at Lekki’s Filmhouse cinema yesterday when a Nigerian man pulled out his belt from his waist to publicly whip his wife.

He did this after being caught by his wife on a date with another woman.

The Nigerian man took an anonymous lady out on a movie date at Filmhouse not knowing that his wife would show up and create a scene.

An eye-witness reports that the said wife trailed her husband and his alleged girlfriend to Filmhouse, Lekki, earlier on Saturday, March 3.

She then approached her husband’s car, telling the girlfriend to wind down the window after which she proceeded to slap her twice before telling her to step out of the vehicle while shouting,“He is a married man.”

Enraged by the action of his wife, the husband pulled out his belt and began flogging his wife with it.

To escape the domestic violence, the wife dashed back to her vehicle and tried to drive out but her husband blocked her, asking her to return the SUV as he bought it for her.

LASTMA officials had to intervene to stop the husband from beating his wife further.

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