Monday, March 12, 2018

Michael Ekeinde, son of Nollywood diva, Omotola Jalade wrote his mother a surprising and humorous message on mother’s day.

According to Omotola, she got a call from her son on Mother’s day, and after exchanging pleasantries over the phone and eventually wishing her a ‘happy mother’s day’, he asked if she had seen the note she left in the family room.

Here’s what Omotola Jalade wrote…

“So my Last kiddo calls me to say Happy mother’s day. Excitedly I said thanks etc…you know the whole mushy mushy stuff…
Then he says … pls did you see my Note in the Family Room? I said No..thinking how thoughtful ! he left a surprise for today…I hardly go there…so after ending the call… I dashed upstairs a mix of excitement to see this! I’m really tempted to call this child back !
#idontunderstand #idontevenplaygames #smh #mothersday”

Here are photos of the note Omotola Jalade’s son left for her…

Michael Ekeinde in a interview with Punch’s Saturday scoop, had disclosed some things that weren’t known about his mother before marriage. According to him, his mother was a Muslim, but converted to Christianity while in Secondary School.

According to him, he usually accompanies his mother to movie locations. That experience attracted him to film-making and movie business in general. He further revealed that anytime he watched a movie, he analysed it in a different way. Along the line, he stated he discovered that cinematography is the right career path for him to pursue.

Michael revealed his mother is a prayer addict. You need to see her Bible, he said. He revealed that many people don’t know she is from a Muslim background. “She was a Muslim. She converted to Christianity when she was in secondary school or thereabouts. She is also very close to God and attributes her success to Him” he said.

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