Friday, April 6, 2018

Bobrisky fights dirty with some women in the bank

Popular Nigerian cross dresser/ male barbie, Bobrisky has been spotted almost coming to blows with certain unidentified women in a bank

According to reports, Bobrisky was in the bank to make some transactions, when a woman harassed him for being dressed in a lady’s clothing.

Bob who is known not to condone trolls or critics in turn served the woman in her own coin and a fight ensued.

Publicly threatening to beat up the woman, Bobrisky was captured in the now viral video asking her if she does not have any kind of home training as that could be the only reason she would openly involve herself in other people’s matters

The already infuriated instagram celebrity further mentioned that he would tear her wig and wait for the police to come take them in handcuffs.

The men at the bank could be seen clearly in the video showing less concern to the ongoing argument, while the cross-dresser got support from other women in the bank, who believed that the attacker should have minded her business and leave the guy alone.

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