Monday, April 30, 2018

Man reveals how he was almost beaten to death after helping his classmate

A Facebook user, Hallmark Chibuzor Paul, has narrated how he was almost beaten to death just for rendering help to a former classmate of his.

His post:

On this date 30th April 2006 I was Labelled A Ritualist in my Neighboring village out of ENVY 3 days to my Birthday!

In 2003 i met my secondary school mate who is from my neighboring village which is my father’ Maternal home, we had fun as old school boys and he now told me that he still want to go deep into electrical work and asked me to teach him, I welcomed him without thinking twice. we then started doing things together i did all in my power to teach him what i know till January 2006 he called me one morning and told me his plans to start his own electrical life, i was so happy, he further told me that he already paid for an office somewhere at st Micheal road aba, i was also happy and i opened my drawer in the office and gave him 50,000 to be managing till when things will start flowing, he then left, after few weeks he called me asking for some high tension electrical fittings to place as samples in his office i gave him bcos i want him to succeed.

I always check on him to know how he is doing, i always sublet my jobs to him, i always hook him up with jobs when am too busy with other jobs until april same year, he told me about his plans to build a house in the village , honestly i was so happy about that bcos many people knows him as my boy and when he is succeeding, my name will be going far, infact bcos of the way i worked with him, i got more 6 boys i trained free for 3 yrs each , after he told me of his plans to build a house, i asked him to see me when he is ready, few weeks later he came to the office, we discussed, i gave him 120,000 to support for water in his building , i gave this morning with my open mind, he left and came back after someday and showed me the pictures of his building foundation and later left.

I never hear from him again, i will call him , his phone will ring but he wil not pick, most of the jobs i gave him was hanged,i was so worried bcos of the jobs thinking that he got a bigger job and abandoned those ones i gave him but he is not picking calls, i asked his kid brother he told me he went to work, i relaxed my mind and start using my other boys to take care of the jobs i gave him which he has collected all thr monies.

Same April i won a contract to do his village rural electrification project, i keep asking and looking for him so that i will sublet the job to him bcos i want his name to be known in his village and for his pple to know what he can do bcos my name is already in the market but i cant find him, i now move my 3 boys to that site and we start working on the site, after 2 weeks on the site, his mother came to me one morning and asked me, Chibuzor so u ve the mind to do a job my son suppose to do if he was alive, i stood up and replied mama what did u said, she said my son will not die and u come to do what he suppose to do and go away with it. that was my ist ear to hear that something happened to him bcos his kid brother always told me he went to work, i later went back to meet his mother and she never want to see me or hear me talking. In that Village i have helped youths, i have helped old and young widows, i have helped the poor , thats when i start to ask people to know more about my friend, they said he is missing the family is looking for him.

On this date 30th April, i left my boys working in that village and went for another project, without knowing that the worst has happened. on my way back the youths of his community now blocked the road searching taxies, buses checking okada pple all to find me, as soon as they saw okada carrying me, they hit down the okada man and gripped me like a thief and the men and women in thr community Hall was jubilatin, chanting ( ONYE OGW EGO) Meaning Ritualist, i was confused and the guy i have helped most in that community was hitting me with stick, my mother’s best friend who is a widow and whom my mom instructed me to make sure i will be helpin till her children start doing something even as her ist son is my age mate poured me dirty water and spit on me, then the village head asked them to stop, i was still confused bcos i dont knw the reason for everything happening. now the village head asked the mother to come out and tell them what she reported before me so that i will know why they asked the youth to bring me dead or life.

And she said my son who served chibuzor is missing for a month, i ve searched everywhere, and went to native doctors, they called him on mirror and he told us Hallmark Chibuzor Paul has used me for ritual.

the hall start shaking with Noise again, pple spit on me, pple called me names, pple poured me dirty water, they treated me like a thief and a killer. the village head now said they will appoint few people in the community to go with them to confirm thr findings, to enable them take the next step, the woman as the person marrying her husband speaks for her husband said they dont have money to go back again and i volunteered to finance the trip to anywhere of thr choice. The husband now said they should count him out, he is not goin to anywhere, he is not a party to the accusation and the Hall went silent. i ask the vilage head if i can say a word and he permitted me.

I said if i had known his ware-about and keep silent talking of to know what happened to him, let me not see his age bcos he was 27 while i was 24, let me never knw peace but if im innocent, every hand that treated me like a thief today will never know peace, none of them or thr children will ever find 3 square-mill to eat daily in thr whole life and they all said amen. i can tel u that the most successful among them or thr children is an okada rider or motorcycle mechanic. the Village head, his wife and few other pple on his side maintained that they dont believe the accusation bcos they know my father and they know how i started bcos my source of income is verifiable to everyone within and around my village and neighboring villages

the most painful aspect of it is that few boys in thr village re doing electrical business at the same st Micheal aba but they never accused them, the missing guy is sharing office with his village boy and they never asked him of thr son, it was after the news of the way i was treated broke in town, that stories started coming out, even his parent was made to meet with the people he went out on a deal with and things fall apart but they decided to kill me and my carer out of ENVY.

This re the few reasons why i ve decided to serve humanity and to be a humanitarian bcos the Life i see today wasnt my making.
in my whole life i will never forget 2005,2006 and 2007!
Happy new week all

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