Wednesday, April 11, 2018

This Skye bank manager and his brother drowned at a beach in Akwa Ibom

A man identified as Ubong Ekpe and his brother have reportedly lost their lives after they drowned at a beach party they both attended.

Reports says that he was the branch manager of a commercial bank in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state.

The duo are reported to have gone to Ibeno Beach where they attended a friend’s birthday party on Sunday before their tragic deaths.

The late Ubong was a Catholic faithful who worshiped with his family at St. Anthony’s Parish, Ewet Housing.

Those who spoke on the demise of Ubong Ekpe described him as a jovial, easygoing and compassionate person. He is also said to have been a philanthropist who was quick to assist those who came to him for one form of help or the other.

His friends and colleagues have taken to Facebook to mourn the loss

A man identified as Godslove Michael Bernard wrote on Facebook…

I can’t Believe u have gone.
I went to school this morning to write my exams only for me to hear a loud noise from my rector office shouting noooooo….. ubong nooooo, i was like, pls sir what happened?? Only for him to deliver the shocking news that his two cousins was drown at Ibeno Beach yesterday.
I ask him again pls sir which ubong and he shown me your pics. God have mercy.!!
What a tragedy!! Two brothers drown and died at ibeno beach.

RIP Big brother Ubong Ekpe
A great giver and a philanthropist.

Another friend by the name Peter Asangusung also took to the platform to pay tribute to the deceased:

It’s hard to believe this foul play…..@ this point.
You were a Big Blessing, to All around you.
You were, a big brother & a good advisor. Always telling me, to be hardworking but, careful in life.

R.I.P Mr. Ubong Ekpe

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