Wednesday, May 2, 2018

24-year-old lady all smiles as facial tumour is removed (Photo)

A lady identified as Victoria began battling facial tumour when she was just 18 years old. The brave 24-year-old made the journey to the ship alone to find healing, and along the way, received so much more than surgery.

Nationalhelm reports that after the procedure to remove the massive tumor, it was a lengthy healing process for Victoria. As you can see, it drastically changed the way she looked as well as how she viewed herself.

According to Mercy Ship, after the tumor was removed, Victoria discovered levels of confidence she’d never had before. “Thank you for making me beautiful,” she told a nurse after her operation. “You’ve always been beautiful,” the nurse replied. We’re so thankful Victoria can believe this about herself now too!

Recall that we recently shared the story of a man who successfully underwent a surgery to correct a huge tumor on his face. It was gathered that the growth started as a minor flesh wound after a motorcycle accident 15 years ago, which later developed into a keloid tumor that took over Leon’s life.

The man was reported then it he was still recuperating from the successful surgery as he had been given a reason to smile again.

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