Monday, May 28, 2018

Emmanuel Emenike’s new bride, Iheoma Nnadi calls out wedding planner


Iheoma Nnadi, Ex beauty queen and new wife of popular footballer, Emmanuel Emenike has called out her wedding planner, Denike Balogun for a really poor job at her wedding which took place over the weekend

According to the aggreived bride, she is calling out the Balogun in porder to protect other brides from having a disaster as she called the attention of the wedding planner to the disaster she created, only to be shunned on her wedding day

Iheoma mentioned that despite paying the wedding planner millions of Naira, several phones and luxury items belonging to V.I.P guests were missing, Champaigne was stolen, guests were allowed into the premises for a wedding which was supposed to be strictly by I.V, dishes she paid for were lost in transit, her husband’s hip flask was stolen from the stage when they stood up for the couple’s dance, and the decor was not what she had paid for eventhough it turned out nice

She also lamented over Balogun being rude to her and even blocked and stopped talking to her three weeks to the wedding. she added that all the energy of the wedding planner was invested in bragging and stressing the bride who paid for her services to avoid the stress

A couple of guests took to the comment section to confirm the complaints of the bride adding that they had to share spoons and at a point they were told that drinks had finished

As expected, some people trooped into Balogun’s Instagram page to backlash her and the wedding planner said there was surplus drinks even after the wedding

She has since been advised by her close pals to give an official statement on the demeaning testimony by a bride of this nature, which she hasn’t, as she remains nonchallant about the incident

Up until this moment, the pained bride is still counting her losses despite spending millions charged by Denike Balogun

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