Monday, May 28, 2018

Hushpuppi shares throw back photo of himself and Olamide Baddo

Ray Hushpuppi, popularly known as the Gucci master has taken to his Instagram page to share a throwback photo of himself and Olamide Adedeji, a.k.a Baddosneh

Sharing the photo which depicted them at a very young age, obviously when they were yet to attain success, Hushpuppi mentioned that the popular rapper is his ride or die

He added that though Olamide does not owe him a dime, he is always sure to support him day and night

Adding that he respects Baddo so much, he called him real and said a word of prayer for him as he concluded that one does not have to gain a dime from another person before you think of supporting him/her

Apparently, the duo go way back together and Olamide has since reacted to the thankful post

It appears they both have similar grass to grace stories. It may be recalled that Hushpuppi admitted to selling purewater to Ice-prince in Lagos traffic, while Olamide is the self acclaimed king of the street

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