Saturday, May 26, 2018

Mohamed Salah to Observe Ramadan Fast For Champions League Final?

Liverpool star Mohamed Salah is a practising Muslim and a very devout one.

The Liverpool striker finds himself in a bit of a situation as the Champions League final happens to also fall during the Ramadan period when all Muslims are expected to fast.

But according to Liverpool’s physiotherapist, Salah will not fast for the Champions League final and will take in food before the crucial game.

Islamic law states that fasting could be suspended if the person is travelling.

Salah travelled to Kiev and eating would be necessary for him to be at peak levels for the game, therefore he will not fast.

It had initially been revealed that Salah would partake in the fast, but this was countered by Liverpool’s physiotherapist, Ruben Pons, who said that Salah would have food.

“We were in Marbella and the nutritionist established a work plan,” he told Spanish radio station Cadena SER. “Tomorrow and the day of the match he won’t, so it’s not going to affect him.”

When asked about it, Jurgen Klopp insisted that Salah’s religion was a private matter; “Religion is private, how I understand it,” he said

“Nothing to say about that but all fine you will see him out there. In training he is full of power – you need to be the day before a final.”

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