Monday, June 4, 2018

Kogi corp member recounts the ingenious way she got rid of an older man interested in her

A corp member serving in Kogi state has shared her experience with a much older man who was interested in her in Kogi state.

She ended her story by advising other women on how to get rid of men who wouldn’t let them be.

She wrote:

So I have a beautiful one to share today, I went out to my ppa, on Wednesday, then I had to see my boss at the Kogi state govt house. On my return I thought I should chill in a by-the-road shop to buy a bottle of drink. Then the owner of the shop on knowing I’m a Corp member asked for my contacts and all that which I gave him. In the evening he called saying I love you and miss you story, and he wants to come to my house to visit, this is a man in his late 40s. I just invited baba to come over Sunday evening by 4pm. He even asked what should he bring for me. I described NCCF Lokoja to Him. Meanwhile 4pm is our fellowship time. He was very punctual. He brought 3 fresh apples. He was asking where is my room I just said let’s attend this fellowship small. He has been there since till 6pm, In a nutshell, baba is one our first timers. ? ? ?. He later went out saying time has gone.
Dear sisters, whenever those men refuse to go, lead them to a good fellowship to hear the word of God. Instead of using your body to commit sin, use it to bring them to God’s presence.

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