Monday, June 4, 2018

“Oyibo wan kill us” Nigerian woman raises alarm after finding this in her bra

A Nigerian woman has raised alarm after finding a jelly-like pad inside her bra and she’s convinced it’s a cancerous substance put in bras by the western manufacturers.

In a video shared online, the woman is seen tearing her bra with a razor to reveal the added pad in the bra. She then pulls out the jelly-like pad from the bra and reveals that a woman recently warned that such substances are put in bras and are known to cause cancer.

She went on to say that whenever she wears the bra, it itches, so she decided to check and when she did, she found the substance. Following her discovery, she accused the white manufacturers of trying to kill Africans by making such bras and sending them down to Nigeria.

Her video caused some social media users to panic while others pointed out that the substance is known as pocket gel placed in push up bras. The pocket are plastics filled with glycerin or silicone gel to help achieve the desired push up effect on the wearer of the bra.

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