Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Retired Army Officer Shares 20 Powerful Lessons That Can Change Your Life

A Twitter user and former soldier, @ApexOliver, has given 20 pieces of advice applicable in the military that can also change a civilian’s life.

Oliver, who spent three years with the United States Army, gave the advice via his Twitter handle.

He said:
Serving 3 years in the army has taught me a lot.

I hereby present you 20 lessons I learned in the army that you can apply to your lives today!

1-Have a routine, wake up the same time and sleep the same time, that’s how you create an effective schedule.
2-Always know what you have to do next.
Work with a To-Do list.

3- Work on your discipline, it can save your life.

4-More sweat in the training grounds equals less blood in the battlefield.

5-Disregard advice from people without skin in the game.
6-Always look Fresh&Clean, respect yourself and others will respect you.

7-When you enter a situation, always know your exit

8-Always have a clear well-defined plan of action (Masterplan)

9-Expect plan A to fuck, have plan B
10-The higher ups don’t give a fuck about you, only about their career

11-Choose your team wisely, your life may depend on it.

12-Respect your word, a man without a word is not a man.

13-Bold moves surprise the enemy and create momentum, be Bold
14-Take care of your tools and treat them with respect.

15-Don’t chase your enemy, let him come to you. Use baits if you can.

16-Fear and Anxiety before action are natural, embrace it and let it sharpen your senses and instincts.
17-You may start off with a team, but sometimes you’ll have to carry on alone all by yourself.

18-Keep your eyes on the ball, it’s easy to get distracted in the battlefield (and the digital world)

19-When in doubt, err on the side of action.
20-Focus on one big mission at a time.
1 big bird in the hands is better than 2 on the tree.

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