Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Singer Kcee Pays School Fees For Instagram Fan Who Asked Him For Help

Oh wow! This is so amazing. Just when you think most Nigerian celebrities do not see what their fans write on their social media pages, one of them actually surprised one of his instagram followers.

A certain lady named Chioma asked singer Kcee to help pay her school fees, the Limpopo & Fine Face crooner immediately asked for the amount and account number. Minutes later, he paid the money into the lady's account. See their instagram convo below and after the cut...

continue after the cut...

Mavin Records Bae: Singer Di'ja Looks Fab In New Photos

Mavin Rocords singer, D'ija looks fab in new photos. The Yaro & Awww crooner is indeed a beauty to behold. See another shot of hers below...


Endorsement: Actor Odunlade Adekola Signs New Glo Deal

Yoruba movie actor, producer, director (chai see advert), Odunlade Adekola has landed another endorsement deal as brand ambassador with Nigeria's Telecomunication giant, Globacom 

Congrats to him.

Photo: Comedian Ali Baba Covers This Day Style magazine

He is one of the most humble celebrities I have ever seen, despite his fame and fortune; unlike some young celebrities... *I comment my reserve jare*

Actress Adesua Etomi Wins Golden Discovery Award

Nollywood actress, Adesuwa Etomi won the Golden Discovery award at the Golden Movies Awards which held on Saturday, June 27, 2015 in far away Accra, Ghana for her role in 'Knocking On Heavens Door' movie.

The beautiful actress is presently in the United States for her friend Osas Ighodalo's wedding which will hold on July 4th in New York City.

Congrats to her on her award.

Uche Elendu, Ebube Nwagbo On Igbo Movie Set (Photos)

Nollywood beauties, Uche Elendu and Ebube Nwagbo recently wrapped up the shooting of Ara Sarafina, a Nollywood Igbo movie. The movie was directed by Amayo Uzo Phillips. See more photos from the movie location below...

Monday, June 29, 2015

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Falz, Praiz, Sound Sultan, Others On The White Carpet At Dj Exclusive's Album Launch Party

Falz, Sound Sultan, Immaculate

Landmark Event Centre in Oniru, Lagos was literally set on fire when Dj Exclusive hosted all the who is who in the entertainment industry at his All WhiteThemed Album Release Party. 

Here are first photos from the exclusive party. Will bring more photos soon, meanwhile see some of them below...

Tosyn Bucknor (OAP) on the red carpet

Praiz (one of my fav music artistes)

Photo credit: Instagram

This picture Will Melt Your Heart... Stop Complaining And Give Thanks Instead

Incase you are in the habit of complaining, I think you should take a pause and thank God instead.

That thing you complain about, someone else wished they have it,
That thing you did not value, someone else wished it's theirs,
That situation you hurriedly want to get out of, someone else wished they are in it
That place you wish to get out of, someone else wished they are there
That food you rejected, someone else wished they can have it for three square meal.

Whenever you see the breaking of the day, just utter the word "THANK YOU LORD"

Have a blessed Sunday and make sure you go to church (Christians) or Asalatu (Muslims). ciao

Blogger SDK Hosts Her Blog Readers In Lagos - "Let's Paint Lagos SDK"

I was snooping the internet for aproko to read jeje when I found an advert for a Lagos party which will be hosted by popular blogger SDK on Saturday July 25, 2015, and being a woman who is always supporting her fellow women, I thought I should share the info with my blog readers in Lagos. I would have loved to attend but y'all know I live thousand (abi na millions) miles across the sea and traveling to Nigeria will involve lots of planning and of course 'Benjamins' $$ *winks*.

So if you live in Lagos State, Nigeria and you would like to attend the SDK party, make sure you have your 3k (Naira) gate fee and also dress to impress.

To listen to the party jingle, click HERE

Actress Kate Henshaw Relocates From Home After Fire Incident

This is really a time of challenge for Nigerian star actress turned politician, Kate Henshaw. 

The Cross Rivers State born thespian's home in Lekki, Lagos was gutted by fire on Thursday June 25, 2015 after a power surge from her AC unit.

The 43 year old actress reportedly moved out of the home on Saturday June 27 to another apartment. See photos of moving trucks conveying her stuffs out of the home below...

Saturday, June 27, 2015

BTS: Mercy Ebosele, Ronke Odusanya, Femi Adebayo At Mosun Filani's Movie Set

Yoruba movie actress and movie producer, Mosun Filani is back in the game with a big bang. The actress who went on hiatus to get married and have babies is presently shooting a new movie in the capital of Osun State, Oshogbo. And she has released more photos from her movie location. See previous photos HERE

The new movie which is entitled Different Strokes features popular Yoruba movie acts like, Femi Adebayo, Ronke Odusanya, Mercy Ebosele, Ibrahim Chatta, Damola Olatunji and a host of others. See more photos from the movie location below...

Danny Glover, Bimbo Akintola, International Stars To Feature In Ebola Movie

Danny Glover
Bimbo Akintola
Tera Culture boss, Bolanle Austen Peters in partnership with Steve Gukas and Dotun Olakunrin are prepping to shoot an Ebola themed movie which will star big acts lke Danny Glover, Bimbo Akintola and other international stars.

According to source, the movie will center around the recent Ebola crises that happened in Nigeria after Liberian-American, Patrick Sawyer brought the deadly disease into the country.

Nigerian top actress Bimbo Akintola is said to have been penned down to play the role of late Dr. Ameyo Adadevoh, the womam who gave up her life during the West African Ebola epidemic.

The project is said to be aimed at immortalizing and celebrating everyone who lost their lives during the Ebola Virus Disease.

Bolanle Austen Peter

Source: Joseph Edgar

Photos: Kim Kardashian Stuns In Two Piece Balmain Suit

Mama Nori looked stunning in her vintage two piece suit.

Alaafin Of Oyo's Youngest Queen Glammed Up By iPoshlooks MUA (Photos)

The youngest wife of King Lamidi Adeyemi III, the Alaafin of Oyo, Queen Olaitan recently broke the internet (literally) when she got glammed up by Nigerian makeup artist, iPoshLooks.

The young Queen who recently gained admission into the University of Ibadan looked so beautiful. See more photos below...

Actress Ruth Kadiri Advises: ' Choose Your Spouse Wisely And Stay Married'

Nollywood actress, Ruth Kadiri offered some words of advice to women of today on marital issue.

Although the 27  year old actress is still single, but she just wished married women will stay married instead of getting divorced. Read her tweets below...

Episode 5 (Finale): 'The 28th House' by T-Ralph Olaniyi

Oh wow! It's been a wonderful month of reading this beautiful educative and inspiring story. I'm sorry to inform you that today's episode is actually the last part of the novel and I hope you have learnt one or two things from the story. I promise to bring another exciting and educative story very soon, meanwhile let's devour the final episode of 'The 28th House' by T-Ralph Olaniyi  

Episode 5 (Finale) - Righteousness by Faith

They were still trying to recover from the shock of last night's incident as they woke up the next day with strange looks on their faces. George dressed in his blue suit for work. Just as he drove out of the automatic gates, he suddenly saw an old woman in front of his car. George slammed the brake as his head jerked forward and his heart skipped for fear. He almost screamed but he calmed down when he realize that it was not a monster. It was their silent neighbour in front on his car. George did not really know what to say to her as he was still glued to his car seat. He wondered why she had appeared in front of his car this morning. "What on earth should I do?" George thought to himself. "I think respect demands that I to get down to meet her," George thought further. He was even more scared as she started walking towards him with her bent back, staggering with each step towards the driver's door. When she got close to his car window, she gave the glass a knock. He couldn't alight anymore, so he gently rolled down the side window. Her first words were "I know what happened last night." George heart skipped. "It was caused by the spirits of the children sacrificed for money by the rich man," she added. At this time, Sade was already walking towards them because she noticed the gates had not closed in a long time. The woman said, "I have a few things that I can give you to chase the spirits off." Sade arrived and all she heard was "...chase the spirits". So Sade exclaimed, "Spirits!" Since everyone around knew the history of the house, Sade knew instinctively that the old woman must be talking about helping them with the situation of the house. She did not even greet the old woman before she asked, "What do you want to give us?" She said she had some candles and fuming agents known to ward off evil spirits. "No wonder she had them lit on her balcony the other night," Sade and George thought to themselves. George said "Thank you" to her as he waved goodbye to drive off to work. Sade was skeptical about using such things, so, she told the old woman that she would come over to get it later when she needs it. She said this so as just to be tactful.

Sarah went late to school that day. She was reproved for coming late, but, that did not bother her at all. Her state of mind was definitely far from being ready for class, let alone, bothered about being reprimanded for late-coming. All through class, she gazed at the white board without seeing any letters or numbers on the board. At a time, the white board turned black and she saw images of the blood stained children. But, she quickly snapped out of it. Teachers taught and all she could hear were the sounds of the monster that appeared in her sleep. She was definitely not concentrating in class. The fright from last night and other similar nights left her in absolute dismay. During the break period, she had an idea amidst her hazy thoughts. She quickly located Matthew, dragging him into a corner and said, "Teach me how to pray." Puzzled by her request, Matthew replied, "Just say what you wish for and end it with 'In Jesus Name'." Sarah was surprised that it was that simple because she had never made any conscious prayer before, so she asked him just to be sure, "That simple?" Matthew felt he needed to explain better despite the strangeness of the question, so he said "Yes, that simple. Just know that God is your heavenly Father and He is always beside you. Then, ask for what you want in the name of Jesus and it shall be done for you because God loves you so much to deny a good request." Sarah's next question was, "Can you pray for me now so I can know how it is done?" Matthew took Sarah by both hands and she looked straight into his eyes. Matthew felt a bit awkward and then he said, "This is the time when we close our eyes before we say our desires." They closed their eyes and Matthew led a simple prayer that afternoon.

Sade spent all afternoon thinking about what to do next. She paced from one corner of the living room to the other. There are times when she literarily paused and stood for minutes on a spot, lost deeply in thoughts. And when she got herself back, she paced again. She thought to herself, "Probably, our neighbour is the witch disturbing us." She had forgotten to make lunch till it was time to pick Iyanu, Ronke and John from school. She rushed down to their school to get them. Sade was cooking when she heard voices in the living room - her husband and a man were discussing. She stepped outside the kitchen, walked down to the living room. George introduced the man to her as Mr Uche's pastor and he introduced Sade, his wife to him. Sade was surprised that George had come in with a pastor. She asked, "How did you meet each other?" The pastor replied, "Last night, I was praying when the Holy Spirit instructed me to see Mr Uche at his office today. While I paid Mr Uche a visit during closing hour, George was passing by and Mr Uche decided to introduce him. We spoke together until he explained the incidents of this house to me. Immediately, I knew coming here was the reason the Holy Spirit told me to see Mr Uche."

After a while of talking, dining and sharing the Word of God, they decided to pray. The pastor had barely spoken in tongues for few minutes when Word of knowledge started flowing in. The pastor started revealing the exact secrets of the house and the money rituals that conspired between the rich man, his cult and the children he used. Sade and George were surprised and stared at each other, thinking that the pastor had heard the story of the house elsewhere. Then George quickly cut in the pastor's speech, "This house is haunted by the ghosts of those people he had used." The pastor replied, "No. The ghosts of the children had departed from the land of the living long ago. However, there are two demons disguising in the form of the children and disturbing anyone who attempts to live in the house." George was stunned at the pastor's words and wondered why the pastor could be so sure of what he said. As those thoughts ran through his head, the pastor added, "There is also another demon. It is a fierce one living in the cupboard. It was in charge of the ritual rites whenever the rich man performed the money rites weekly." Everyone was astonished at the confidence with which he spoke as if he had witnessed the events firsthand.

As he led the family in some songs and some words to stir up faith in them, there appeared across the living room a set of twins, one male and the other female, at about the same height, walking towards them and raising their bloody hands. Everyone ran behind the pastor using him as a shield. The pastor stretched his hands towards them and commanded them, "Leave this house right now and be ye returned to hell, your home, in Jesus Name. Amen." Immediately, the twins stopped and just before they disappeared, screamed out so loud that everyone had to cover their ears except for the pastor. They could not see any of the children again; they stood up from behind the pastor. Immediately, George noticed that John was no longer with them. As he turned around, he saw John being dragged by his legs into his room by the grizzly figure. George did not think twice before running to get John. As he entered the room with John, the door closed tight that no one could open it from the outside. George was stuck with John inside the room with the grizzly monster. John managed to break loose and ran close to his father. George held him so tight to his chest with his arms. The monster stood at the other end of the room by the window. George was paralyzed with fear as he stood watching the monster with partially close eyes, trembling lips and legs. They were struggling with the door from the outside and he knew it would be counterproductive if he attempted opening the door from the inside at the same time. "There is nothing else to do than to pray," George thought to himself. He managed to muster

Friday, June 26, 2015

Chidinma Releases Visuals To Her Single - 'If No Be God'

Chidinma Ekile aka Ms Kedike released the visual to her single If  No Be God' Directed by Clarence Peters with Cameo appearance by Nigerian comedians Seyi Law and Funny Bone. Watch video below...

Popular Yoruba Actress, Aisha Abimbola Visits Orphanage Home In Lagos

Popular Yoruba movie actress, Aisha Abimbola aka Omoge Campus led her Omoge Campus Foundation on a charity visit to Modupe Cole Orphanage Home in Yaba, Lagos on Saturday June 13, 2015.

The actress and her foundation gave out lots of valuables including food and money.

May God continue to bless her and replenish her purse.

Gospel Icon, Pastor Shirley Caesar To Receive Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame

American gospel icon, Pastor Shirley Caesar will receive star on Hollywood walk of fame.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce announced that the legendary artist and Queen of gospel music will be among the stars whose name will be added to the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2016.

See full list of honorees on www.walkoffame.com

Actress Chika Ike Shows Off Weight Gain In New Photos

The Nollywood actress showed off her weight gain on social media but promised to hit the gym asap.

Photo: Actress Rita Dominic Stuns In Boyfriend Jeans

The Nollywood star actress stepped out in a white shirt and faded boyfriend jeans earlier today. #Trendsetter

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Music: Shnevs Releases Hot New Single - FUNKE

Nigerian born rapper, singer and songwriter, Siaisiai Eladopere Evan aka Shnevs released a hot new single entitled 'Funke'.

I love the song not only because he used my name as the title but because the tune is danceable and off the hook at the same time.

Am sure you're gonna love the song too. Listen, download and share below...

Adorable! IK Ogbonna Cuddles His Newborn Baby, Ace In New Photo

The proud and happy dad cuddled his bundle of joy as he held him close to his chest. Guess who the photographer was? The new mum of course.

So adorable.

Congrats! Stephanie Okereke Shows Off Baby Bump In Public For The First Time

Am so happy for her! Nollywood star actress and former beauty queen, Stephanie Okereke-Linus showed off her baby bump at Buckingham palace for the first time on Monday.

The beautiful actress and her hubby have been married for 3 years and this will be their first baby together.

Congrats in advance to them.

Actress Mosun Filani Back On Screen After Few Years Break, Shoots New Movie (Photos)

Popular Yoruba movie actress, Mosunmola Filani is back on screen after taking few years break to get married and raise her kids. The talented thespan is presently shooting her new movie 'Different Strokes' in Oshogbo.

The movie is directed by Damola Olatunji. Starring Mosun Filani, Mercy Ebosele, Ronke Odusanya, Ibrahim Chatta and many more. See more photos from the movie location below...

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