Monday, October 31, 2016

Check out pre-wedding pics of a Nigerian soldier & her groom-to-be

Lol. How cute! See more photos after the cut..

Photo credit: LGREEN PHOTOGRAPHY/Instagram

Photos: NEMA/SEMA camp managers condole with bereaved families affected by suicide attack in Maiduguri

NEMA/SEMA camp managers are pictured condoling with bereaved families affected by suicide bomb blast which occurred at a coffee drinking spot near the gate of Bakassi IDP camp in Maiduguri Borno State. 
At least six people were killed in the early morning bomb attack on Saturday, October 29th. More photos after the cut.

See this royal helicopter turned into an exquisite home (Photos)

A farmer, Martyn Steedman and his wife Louise have transformed a military helicopter which they reportedly bought from UK Ministry of Defense's online auction in March, into an exquisite home.

According to reports, the couple spent nearly £40,000; approximately (N22.6m), to convert this singular helicopter into a luxury accommodation for the family to live in. More photos after the cut.

'You saved my life and I owe you mine!' - Iceprince thanks MI Abaga

"Thank you Teacher!!!! You saved my life bro and I owe you mine!!! " - were the words Ice Prince said in response to a birthday message from his close friend and colleague, MI Abaga.

Man begins solidarity trek from Lagos to Abuja to support PDP chairman, Ali Modu Sheriff

A year after trekking for Goodluck Ebele Jonathan when the former President conceded defeat to President Buhari, Muhammed Isa has embarked on another solidarity trekking and this time he is going to show his support for new PDP chairman, Ali Modu Sheriff.

The 32 year old graduate of Psychology and indigene of Borno State who is planning to finish the solidarity trek within 23 days, departed today at about 9: 12am, from Berger footbridge along Lagos -Ibadan Expressway.

Speaking with newsmen, before his departure Isa said:
I am on solidarity trek from Lagos to Abuja to show my support and the support of youths to Sheriff as the authentic national Chairman of PDP, I want to make something clear, Ali-Modu Sheriff is someone who is honest and listens to grassroots politicians; he has been working tirelessly to ensure that PDP regains its lost glory. 
I have already planned my journey, I will be trekking from morning to evening, wherever dusk meets me, I look for an accommodation there. After morning prayers, I will resume trekking, “I believe with Allah on my side, no evil will befall me because I am not doing something that is bad or injurious to the country.’

Update on Female banker accused of hiring assassins to kill her estranged husband in Lagos

 A story of a female banker identified as Oluchi Onyebuchi who was arrested by men of the Ogun state police command for allegedly hiring assassins to kill her estranged husband, Tochukwu Onyebuchi

Now, a friend of the accused woman, Nicole Chioma Ugochukwu, over the weekend, took a trip to Ogun state Police station in Eleweran Abeokuta, Ogun state where Oluchi is being held in custody. She gave an update on the matter.

According to Nicole, the Female banker was set up by her estranged husband who had allegedly sworn to deal with her so much that no man would look at her again after their separation. Read what Nicole wrote on her Facebook page below

We made a trip to Ogun state today 29th of October 2016, where A lovely soul is languishing in Ogun state police Eleweran Abeokuta and her name is Oluchi Mbonu ( maiden name ).

Oluchi is a seasoned banker , a friendly soul, a dear friend , a sister and above all a mother to a lovely beautiful young daughter.

Oluchi is being accused of conspiring with some dirty frail looking guys labeled ASSASSINS .... Lol.... to kill her hubby ( thou hubby is still very much alive ) . I am not a lawyer neither am I the police but it's not rocket science to know that this is just a Bogus story to ruin her reputation and tarnish her image. The picture is so clear that she is a VICTIM of circumstance and evil manipulation from a bitter Man( ex hubby) .....Ooh yes , he threatened to deal with her and after he is done , no man would look at her .

My fellow Nigerians , this treat is in motion and we all must join hands together to stop it and make a difference .
How can we do this? Let's make noise until the real story is told . Yes justice must surely take it's course but it's taking too long . She has no business in Eleweran police station, this case should be transferred to Lagos State where the so called failed assassination took place so proper investigation can take it's course .
Pls let's join hands and speak up till the proper authorities take up this case .
Lagos state police where una dey ? Transfer this case naaaa... Biko nu .

1)What is the brothers name, address and phone number of the brother they were to deliver the car to in Onitsha? She must have given them precise instructions !

2) what is the name of the 3rd accomplice at large ? And was it the 3 of them that attacked the husband ? What is his name ? They have the name and surname of the other paraded 2?

3) why is she locked up in ogun state while the crime was commited in the hubby's home in Lekki? Shouldn't she be extradited to the jurisdiction where the failed assasination was commited?

4) the assassins said they were paid 500,000. Was it given to them in cash ? Where and when ( dates and time stamps ) ? Did the assassins pay the 500k into their account ? If they did , where is statement of account ? Did they keep it under their bed or where is the 500k ? Or did they finish chopping it so fast in this buhari economy ?

5) how long did they plan this failed assassination? There must be phone records and voice calls between her and them and this records can be retrieved from the network provider Mtn. Was this done ?

6) why was she paraded as a criminal the very next day after her arrest without investigation. Why was her picture plastered all over the internet and newspapers the very next day?

7) why hasn't even a single soul in the name of the ex hubby's friends or family come forward to corroborate his story or tell us that his accused wife is capable of this crime?

All media houses And bloggers who carried the story sharp sharp , pls take correction .... Thank you for trying to murder her name ... Oluchi is going to come out victorious after proper INVESTIGATION is carried out.

Note ; attached are pictures of the lovely lady oluchi not the pictures the media wants us to swallow by force with 2 dirty scruffy looking scallywags .

NOTE; she remains innocent until proven guilty ..

Proper investigation is all we ask for ... So justice can prevail.

Photos of Oluchi below...

We started infrastructural development afresh because Amaechi squandered Rivers funds- Governor Wike

Rivers State Governor , Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has declared that the administration started the process of infrastructural development afresh because the immediate past administration of Rotimi Amaechi squandered resources that accrued to the state under his eight years of misrule.
He said it was Amaechi’s eight years of misrule that made it impossible for the former governor to construct a road to the hometown of his political mentor , Chief Godspower Ake of the APC.

The governor also urged the people of Rivers State to rise up and pray to God to handle those working with outsiders to disrupt the political process and deny the Rivers people representation at the Senate.
Governor Wike spoke on Sunday during the 10th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service of the Omega Power Ministry in Port Harcourt and the Harvest Thanksgiving of Saint Luke Anglican Church , Rumuadaolu.
"Amaechi squandered the money of our people, using state resources to sponsor elections in other places. Because of the funds squandered by Amaechi, we are starting the development of statewide infrastructure afresh. For eight years, at a time that the state got approximately N20billion monthly, that administration failed to develop critical infrastructure," he said. 
"G..U Ake was Amaechi’s political mentor. Yet for eight years, he denied his community the required access road. For us, we will continue to ensure the development of infrastructure in all communities of Rivers State , irrespective of the political leaning of the people ".
Speaking at the Omega Power Ministry , Governor Wike , Governor Wike said he has presented the political problem of the state before God, urging all Christians to pray fervently for the sustenance of the state .
"The same God who ensured that we overcame them in 2015, will answer our prayers"
The governor commended the General Overseer of Omega Power Ministry , Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere for his commitment to the welfare of the less privileged.

The 2 Men Who can turn around Nigeria’s Economy for Good

No doubt, Nigeria is effectively in recession.

Funny enough, everybody seem to know the problem of Nigeria and are usually very quick to enumerate them but only a few know the answer and fewer yet proffer solutions.

Every economy in recession look up to only 2 kinds of men for help.

Who are these 2 men, you may ask… I’ll tell you right away, no need for suspense.
  • Men who will engage in Employment Creation – the likes of Aliko Dangote
  • Men who will engage in Entrepreneurial Creation – the likes of Tony Elumelu
To be honest with you, to get out of this recession, we need to raise more entrepreneurs to provide jobs for the people who do not have the nerve to start their own business.

But the problem has always been CAPITAL… Yes, how to raise capital to start that business.
What if I show You a way to raise the capital, will You promise me that you will be faithful enough to start that business?
The way out is an investment in CRYPTOCURRENCY.

No investment/industry anywhere in the world creates Millionaires as fast as Cryptocurrency.
I’ve helped over a thousand people become Millionaires in as short as 3 months and You can be my next Success Story, so You can go ahead to finally start that business and employ people.

That is why I’m inviting You for a FREE WittyGiants Cryptocurrency Convention, the last for this Year.
I’ll show You practically how to become a Millionaire in 3 months or less with what you have… I’ll help you start from where You are right now (no need to borrow) and get you into the Millionaire bracket (I’ve done this over & over again).

Venue: Eko Hotel & Suites
Date: Saturday, 5th November, 2016

This is a pre-registered event; the full details of the Hall and Time will be sent to you via email after your registration.

Note: This Convention is entirely FREE to attend but you CAN NOT get access to the hall if you did not pre-register.

For your pre-registration, kindly click on this link

Congratulations… I’ll see You on Saturday at Eko Hotel & Suites.

Kind regards…

Dan Ewah
President, WittyGiants

What is wrong with this photo?

This was shared by comedian, MC Shakara via his Instagram page. You see it?

Photos: 4 killed as Lorry falls on commercial bus carrying students of Fed. Government Girls College Oyo

Four students of the Federal Government Girls College Oyo state were reportedly killed after a Lorry carrying garri, fell on a commercial bus conveying them to school yesterday. According to residents of the town, the accident happened at Sabo market in Oyo state. The accident was caused by bad portions of the road. The remains of the deceased have been deposited in a morgue. See more photos after the cut...

Check out another rauchy pre-wedding photo

Lol. So cute!

Iyanya celebrates signing with Mavin with other label mates

It was surprisingly announced today that Iyanya has joined Mavin Records. He just shared a video showing him celebrating with his other label mates including DPrince, who has been so quiet for a while now.

Triple MG boss, Ubi Franklin gifts older cousin and P. A a brand new car as a token of appreciation

Triple MG boss, Ubi Franklin has gifted his older cousin, who also works as his personal assistant a brand new car as a token of appreciation. See what Ubi wrote after the cut...
"This is not a show off But an appreciation to a friend and brother," the father of one began. "A year after You were born(twins with your sister) I was also born with my twin brother unfortunately my Twin brother died and I had to grow up with that trauma which Hasn't Left and that followed by the death of my father and it broke me so bad. 
We grew up as childhood friends and cousins we started life together remember every december we head to the village and paint it red with the Swag with thought we had then. 
Fast forward to about 4 years ago when you called me saying you wanted to work for me as my PA or even carry my bag I was so uncomfortable with giving you that portfolio because I still couldn't believe I'll call my own cousin and childhood friend my PA and you were Older than me by one year and then I said Come let's work together with no portfolio, you held it down for me in different areas of my life. You cried with me when I was down and laugh with me when i am happy. If you know me very well you will know him @ominiotah He is one of the most selfless person I have ever met.
When I started the @tiltterraceng project i passed a lot of millions through you to control the contractors and pay vendors, I never had cause to doubt you ,when my wife was away waiting for the arrival of our Son @jaydenubifranklin you held it down for me I never had any reason to doubt your loyalty or sincerity. 
Let me show you the world from my own view let's make more money and build people.
When I failed in some businesses I tried to venture you were ready to take the pain of begging or even been arrested by the people whose monies were lost in the business. I can't Thank you Enough.
We had a great day yesterday at the official opening of @tiltterraceng I am proud of you Thank you for everything and God Bless you. This car is a show of appreciation for all you have been to me, my wealth and wellness will not be complete if I can't bring up those beside me or around me.
I know who I am and what God is doing for me through people around me.
Thanks for everything My G"

Exclusive: Lesbian sex tape palaver: 'City FM organized guys to beat me up & throw me out of their office'- Comedian Ominiaho alleges

Comedian Ominiaho has revealed exclusively to LIB how he was allegedly thrown out and beaten by guys from City FM this morning when they found out he uploaded a video on his Instagram page indicating he came to arrest their Intern Amarachi Grace at their office.

If you don't know what the story about, kindly read here. Amarachi Grace aka Gracia alleged that Ominiaho aka Omini threatened to blackmail her with a lesbian sex tape video of her that was recorded years back.

According to Omini, after their meeting with the police today, she admitted to putting up her 'allegation' posts on IG due to assumption and fear and apologized for defamation. She also agreed to put up an apology on her social media accounts before the day was over, so he was now surprised that while he was sitting in City FM's lounge, guys came and beat him up and threw him out of their office and because of that, he'll now reopen the case with the police.

 Read his statement after the cut.
 'She agreed in an hour long audio taken in the presence of a policeman as witness, myself and City FM staff that she made a mistake and her post was out of assumption' Omini said to Linda Ikeji's Blog
. 'She apologized and also agreed to make an apology on Instagram before the day is over' ' and i said okay i'm cool with that. I was sitting and relaxing in the City FM lounge today after the settlement between me and Gracia when a woman walked up to me and was shouting angrily that why did i do an Instagram video saying she worked at City FM. Before i knew what was happening some guys came up to me, beat me up and threw me out of their office'
'I had made up my mind to forgive her and let it all die down but with what they've done to me am on my way to the police station again' 'Am sorry, it's not my fault, i can't let this die down'
 City FM have denied Gracia works with them either as an OAP or in any capacity at all, but investigations made by LIB reveal that she works with them as an intern.

Kano State House of Assembly approves 15 years for rapists, life imprisonment for kidnappers

The Kano State House of Assembly has passed into law, a bill seeking for life imprisonment for kidnappers and 15 years sentence for rapists in the state.

Hon. Yussuf Attah, the Majority Leader of the Assembly, who read the Kidnapping, Abduction and Forced Labour Amendment Bill 2016 before the Assembly today Monday, October 31, said the committee of the whole Assembly passed the bill after considering the amendment.

"The law has been in existence since 1963, but did not provide serious punishment for kidnappers, therefore, we have to amend it to suit the current situation," said Attah.

According to the lawmaker representing Fagge Constituency, any person found guilty of kidnapping would face life imprisonment without an option of fine while anyone found guilty of rape or forced labour will be sentenced to 15 years without an option of fine.

Speaking with newsmen after the passage of the bill, the Chairman of the House Committee on Information, Salisu Riruwe, hailed the amendment as a welcome development.

"With the passage of this anti-kidnapping law, we are hoping that the rampant cases of kidnapping and abduction in some areas of the state will come to an end," Mr. Riruwe said.

Photos: Bauchi State Police smash motorcycle-snatching syndicate

Operatives attached State intelligence Bureau of the Bauchi Police command on October 20th, smashed a syndicate that specializes in motorcycles snatching and selling to their accomplices in various locations across the country. 

The syndicate are behind series of motorcycle theft and snatching in the State which sometimes results to serious injuries or death of the victims who struggles to prevent suspects from snatching their motorcycles.

Suspects are well coordinated and maintains a division of labour among themselves where some specialized in removing the target motorcycle from Public places such markets,mosque, relaxation areas while others specializes in dismantling the Motor cycles before moving them to Magama Gumau via Toro LGA where the principal receiver who comes from Unguwan Bawa in saminaka town of Kaduna State.
The suspects so far arrested include the followings,
1 Abdulrasheed Adamu A.K.A Gaye male and 23yrs of Wuntin Dada Bauchi, 2.Abdullahi Yahaya A.K.A Abba Lara male and 22yrs of Wuntin Dada, 3.Faruk Yakubu male and 23yrs of Wunti Street.
4.Julius Haruna A.K.A Don Jazzy male and 25yrs of Bayan Gari, 5.Kenneth Innocent A.K.A Bow Leg male and 25yrs of Bayan Gari Bauchi. 8.Shama Daniel male and 25 of Wuntin Dada,
7.Abbas Dauda AKA Kala male and 36yrs of Unguwan Bawa in Saminaka,Kaduna state,
8.Mohammed Rabiu male and 26 years of Unguwan Bawa in Saminaka town, Kaduna State,
9.Ebimene Mathew A.K.A Dada male and 27yrs old.
10.Munkaila Garba male and 50yrs of Zuntu village, Wuntin Dada.
11.Yusuf Gidado male and 42 yrs of Wunti Market Bauchi,
12.Abubakar Umar alias something male and 35 years of Turwun. 13.Bala Ahmed AKA Mallaba male and 33yrs of wuntin Dada. 

Item recovered include, one Haojue Robber Motorcycle valued One hundred & eighty thousand naira N180,000:00.

The case is under investigation after which suspects would be charged to Court for prosecution.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

LL Cool J's youngest daughter is grown & stunning...shares bikini photos

Samari is rapper and entertainment mogul, LL Cool J’s youngest daughter. She is now 21 and works as a part time model/actress. She's also in college. She shares quite a few bikini photos on her IG page. See more photos after the cut...

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