Saturday, December 30, 2017

Calabar Woman Dives Under Trailer Begging To Die Over N5,000 Confiscated Goods

A middle-aged female trader in Cross River State lay in front of the back tyres of a big truck in an attempt at stopping the Ministry of Environment from seizing her merchandise valued at N5,000.
The unknown female attempted the near suicide at an Oando station opposite the rear wing of the U.J Esuene stadium in Calabar.
The trader had started the debacle when she was challenged by a task force agent in the ministry for breaking new trade policies which barred traders from setting or displaying wares in the open spaces along the major roads.
The woman’s stocks included biscuits and soft drinks.
She said that she would prefer being crushed by the truck, than watch her means of survival be confiscated by the agent.
She dove under the parked truck the task were using to collect the goods of those at fault and began crying.
The State Commissioner for Environment, Mr. Mike Eraye, had recently warned hawkers and roadside traders to “desist from displaying their wares along major roads.”
This is to create free flow of movement and neatness along carnival routes, some areas are being used to plant green grasses and beautify the city.
Eraye had warned them to relocate or face the consequences.

"I Named My Pet Snake Toke Makinwa Because Every Toke Makinwa Is A Snake" - Club Owner, Pretty Mike

Popular club owner, Pretty Mike, is in the news again for another controversial reason. A few weeks ago, he decided to get himself a new pet and opted for a python.

After he acquired the snake, he took pictures of himself bathing with the reptile and also announced the name of the snake as Toke Makinwa.
Many people took to his Instagram page to express their displeasure over the naming of the snake after a popular on-air personality and author.

However, in a chat with Saturday Beats, the popular socialite explained why he named the python, Toke Makinwa.
He said,

“I named my pet snake Toke Makinwa because every Toke Makinwa is a snake. I named my pet python Toke Makinwa because I believe that she is not just a snake, but a huge snake – a python. And this is based on some things she talks about and writes on. There is a lot of cunningness and sneakiness to her.

“She is not your normal lady and it is time to let people know. Some people attacked me that why would I name my snake after her but the truth is that the name is patented and she does not have the right to the name. She is not the only Toke Makinwa in the world; there are so many of them. She might be the more popular one but right now, my pet python is even more popular than her.

“The truth is that we did not have any issue before I named the snake Toke Makinwa. She is my very good friend and I have seen her on some occasions. She understands that this is pure entertainment and as entertainers, we could diss ourselves in public but because we are entertainers, we know that when we are behind closed doors, we would talk to each other and settle any issue.

“We would see ourselves and say something like, ‘Mike that was a nice one.’ That is the beauty of the maturity entertainers have. We can do whatever we like in public, but behind closed doors, we know it is just for the show. I met her once after the news broke that I named my python Toke Makinwa and the reception I got from her was nice. She just said, ‘Hey Mike, you want them to hear our voice in Lagos State.’ And I told her that it is what we are in the business for. I even plan to have a ‘meet, greet and take a picture with Toke’ I would take my python out and people would have the opportunity of taking a picture with her (sic).”

He shared his reason for acquiring a python as a pet in the first place instead of a dog or a cat like some other people would have opted for.
He said, “I think that a lot of people do not understand the python. In our culture, we were taught that snakes are poisonous and dangerous but in the snake family, python is the only snake that has no venom, it is not poisonous. This is something I would like to educate people about. With the level of education in the country, we are still ignorant about certain things.

“I take a bath with the snake because it is my pet. I am sure a person is allowed to do whatever he likes with his pet. I take showers regularly with my pet; we eat together and go out together. It is my pet and I should not treat it lesser than I would do my pet puppy or cat. I feel like if I do that, I am discriminating against it (sic),” he said.

However, when Saturday Beats reached out to Toke Makinwa for her view on the issue, the OAP said she was about to begin a seminar and asked Saturday Beats to call back. After about an hour, Saturday Beats reached out to her but she did not pick her calls neither did she reply the text message sent to her.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Singer, Davido Opens Up On Why Psquare Did Not Perform At His N30 Billion Concert

Nigerian artiste, Davido on Thursday spoke about rift between Psquare.
This was in response to questions on why they did not perform at his N30 billion concert.
The ‘OBO crooner’ preaching unity on his snapchat page said the Psquare brothers could not perform at the show because Paul had a show in Calabar.
According to him, there is no beef between the brothers as reported.
He said;
“Let us preach unity, Psquare were ready to perform but one of them Paul was not present but Peter Okoye was at the show.
“He already had a show which made it impossible for them to perform alongside Mo’hits crew.
“Both guys are lovely guys trust me there is no problem.”

May D’s Sweden Girlfriend, Carolina Throws Him A Special Birthday Message + New Photos Of Them - PIX

You know we love love. Singer May D is a year older today, and his Sweden girlfriend, Carolina Wassmuth has been keeping us up to date! First she threw him a special birthday message…

She wrote;

'A very special HAPPY BIRTHDAY on this day to my baby. I wish you all you want in life more success, happiness and good health. I love you@mrmayd'

Then she also posted the photo below saying; 'Birthday dinner with my special someone…'

We just love their love. How many years now? Lol, yes they are in their years of dating.

UPDATE! Nigeria Labour Congress Threatens To Embark On Nationwide Strike If Petrol Scarcity Persists

The Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, has threatened it would embark on industrial action if the petrol scarcity biting the country persists into the New Year.

NLC gave the threat in a statement issued on Friday, December 29.

A member of Nigeria Labour Congress, Issa Aremu said the problems of the downstream sector that have led to the petrol crisis in the country exposes what he described as “crisis of corporate governance in the petroleum sector.”

According to him, the downstream sector has a problem of “abysmal absence of accountability, transparency and openness in the administration of the petroleum resources of Nigeria.”

He said only the legislature can bring an end to the crisis in the sector, adding that by directing the Senate committee members to resume duty and tackle the crisis, the Senate had shown that the legislature is true “a vent for public grievances, a “useful organ of public opinion.”

He said “there is a deep-seated conflict of interest in the downstream sector. Regulators are operators; regulators are importers; importers are products hoarders, regulators are also saboteurs.” “Definitely, we have a sector captured in our hands, Nigeria and Nigerians need liberation.”

Aremu also called for a “total ban on importation to reinvent domestic refineries and beneficiation to crude oil,” alleging that the “NNPC is the only public corporation that annually awards its directors long service incentives for no service at all, for non-functioning refineries.”

Ace Gospel Singer, Tope Alabi Dedicates Her Multi Million Naira Mansion In Lagos (Photos)

Ace gospel singer, Tope Alabi is sure ending the year 2017 in a joyful mood.

This is because she dedicated her new home and had a house-warming ceremony on Thursday December 28.
The delectable gospel musician completed her property situated at Fagba, Iju Lagos. This project was embarked two years ago and its sits atop two plots of land.

According to a source, she invested most of the proceedings from her shows on this property and her musical career.
Tope and her family moved out of her current apartment which she bought years ago. The dedication ceremony was performed by Pastor Femi Emmanuel of the Living Spring Chapel, Lagos.

Mrs Tope has been married to Soji for over 16 years.

Talking about their marriage, Tope reflected, “For us to be in the ministry for over 16 years now is by the grace of God. The administration of the ministry has been assigned to my husband and I don’t poke about at all. Mine is to prepare for programmes. Whenever he gives the signals that all is set, I am ready. If there is a need for any material— either for my own use or for the home— I make a request and he provides. God has been using him tremendously for me and the ministry. So, at no point in time did we ever quarrel over business issues. The business isn’t mine but his (Soji’s).”

See more photos below:

Church’s laptop accidentally plays porn during service

Wonders, they say, shall never end.

A Twitter user, @_faexo, has narrated how a hardcore porn movie was accidentally played in church to the embarrassment of church members.

The Twitter user called Kaila said the incident happened in her mom’s church.

While not stating the name of the church involved, she said the porn movie was accidentally played from a fairly-used computer that had been donated to the church.

Kenneth Omeruo Shares Photo Of Beautiful Wife In Air Force Officers Mess

Super Eagles defender Kenneth Omeruo today shared a photo of his beautiful fiancee, Chioma Nnamani, at the Nigerian Air Force Officer’s Mess and Suites in Abuja.

The 24-year-old footballer who plies his trade with Kasimpasa in the Turkish top flight on loan from Chelsea shared the photo on his Instagram account.

He captioned the photo: My Queen followed by some emojis depicting love.

Omeruo proposed to Chioma, a graduate of Enugu State University of Science and Technology, back in September 2017 and shared the video on Instagram on September 26.

According to Complete Sport, the wedding introduction was held on Saturday, June 10th in Nkanu, Enugu State, but Omeruo was not in attendance due to the match that day (South Africa vs Nigeria) but his family and friends all flew in to lend their support.

The wedding has been scheduled for Saturday, December 30th, in Enugu.

See screenshot of IG photo:

70 Year Old Soldier Rapes Underage Girl, Gives her N100

A 14-year-old girl in Ibadan has reached out with a heartwrenching story of how a 70-year-old soldier, Mr. Shuaibu Ahmed repeatedly raped and impregnated her.

According to the girl, the first time he raped her, he gave her N100, after which he continued to rape her and threatened to kill her each time.

The old soldier was a next-door neighbour to the victim at the Ago Tapa area of Ibadan, the Oyo State capital. It was gathered that the septuagenarian is alleged to have raped a whole host of under-aged girls living in the neighbourhood.

The devastated father of the girl was informed by a neighbour that their 14-year-old daughter was carrying a five-month-old baby for the soldier.

According to the Vanguard, the unnamed girl revealed her story: “Sometime last year or thereabout, my sister sent me to Papa Soldier’s (the suspect) house to collect some compact discs for her. The man was sitting in front of his house when I got there. He said the CD was inside on the table.

“As I went inside, he tiptoed in after me and hurriedly locked the door when I had entered. He removed my clothes, underwear and forced himself on me. I tried to shout, but he blocked my mouth and threatened to kill me.

“After he was through, I saw some whitish substance on me. It was then he told me he had deflowered me and that I should not tell anybody about it. Since then he has been having sex with me and each time he would warn me and even threaten to kill me.

‘How he pays me’ “At times, he will give me N100 or N200. The day he deflowered me, he gave me N100. I was not enticed by money; it was his constant threats that frightened me.

“I could not tell anyone because I didn’t want to die.

“I just finished JSS 1. I had not started menstruation when he first forced me. It was after that encounter I started seeing my period.

“I had to tell her father” said a Neighbour– a woman (name withheld), who lives in the same house with the minor, said the father did not know anything.

Continuing, she said, “I have been seeing the young girl with the old man and I warned the girl to stop going to him.

“Just this morning, a neighbour called me and said the girl is pregnant, saying her navel and tummy are shooting out.

“I called the girl, but she shook her head in denial saying ‘I’m not pregnant.’ When I asked her when last she saw her period, she could not recall it.”

She continued: “I told her father, who was completely devastated. You can see what the old useless man caused. The mother died a long time ago.”

The case has been reported to the Mokola Police Station by the father and the suspect is being moved to the State CID for proper investigation. The father has claimed ‘that all he wants is justice, and he can not bear the trauma.’

Nigeria Buys 12 Light Attack Aircraft From The US

The US ambassador to Nigeria has revealed that The United States recently made a decision to sell Nigeria a host of weapons, bombs and 12 Super Tucano A-29 planes.

On Wednesday the Nigerian Airforce was presented with offers and letters of acknowledgement. The Nigerian Airforce stated that “the U.S. State Department had approved the sale and final agreements would be signed and necessary payments made before Feb. 20.”

The sales had been delayed by Barrack Obama Former U.S. President, in response to the Nigerian Air Force bombing a refugee camp in January.

The new US President Mr. Donald Trump in a bid to help Nigeria’s efforts to eradicate Boko Haram and bolster US defence jobs has decided to continue the transaction.

There has been no immediate statement from authorities in Washington or the U.S. embassy. However Nigerian Air Force officials and US government officials are to meet in January to discuss payments and the express delivery of the airplanes if terms are met.

“The sale of the 12 aircraft, with weapons and services, is worth $593 million, and includes thousands of bombs and rockets. The propeller-driven plane with reconnaissance, surveillance and attack capabilities, is made by Brazil’s Embraer. A second production line is in Florida, in a partnership between Embraer and privately held Sierra Nevada Corp of Sparks, Nevada. The Super Tucano costs more than $10 million each and the price can go much higher depending on the configuration. It is powered by a Pratt & Whitney Canada PT 6 engine” The Nigerian Airforce have said.

DAPPMA assures Nigerians of steady supply of petrol

The Depot and Petroleum Products Marketers Association (DAPPMA) has assured Nigerians of regular supply of petrol, in spite of the N600 billion owed it by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).

Its Executive Secretary, Mr Olufemi Adewole, gave the assurance in a statement issued in Lagos on Thursday.

Adewole said that apart from the N600 billion the NNPC owed DAPPMA members, it also owe the marketers over N800 billion.

“Marketers have continued to sacrifice to keep the country wet with fuel, despite over N600 billion debts owed our members and over N800 billion owed marketers as a whole,’’ Adewole said.

He said that in spite of the unsettled of debts, members of the association were still distributing petrol to every part of the country.

According to him, the essence of our initial ‘Press Release’ is to throw light on salient issues surrounding the shortfall in current petrol supply which is solely being handled by NNPC.

“It was not an attempt to join issues with PPMC/NNPC with which we are partners.

“NNPC’s view about our press release stating our side of the story and seeking to defend marketers for the very first time against the unwarranted accusations of hoarding and profiteering is rather unfortunate.

“It is an undisputable fact that DAPPMA members have paid for petrol supply (with bank funds) for over one month, the value of which is in excess of N90 billion, yet PPMC/NNPC has no cargo to allocate to them.

“As such, how can we be held responsible for hoarding,’’ he said.

Adewole said that PPMC/NNPC did not transact business with DAPPMA members on credit; hence the company was not aware of any indebtedness to PPMC/NNPC by our members.

“We again reject any attempt to blame marketers for the shortfall in supply, as it is not our making since NNPC has been the sole importer since October 2017.

NAN reports that DAPPMA had on Dec. 26 expressed concern over the inability of NNPC to supply petrol to its members’ depots.

NNPC also accused DAPPMA of owing N26.7 billion on petrol. (NAN)

Archbishop of Lagos urges government to prioritise welfare of Nigerians in 2018

The Catholic Archbishop of Lagos, Most Rev Dr. Alfred Adewale Martins, has urged the Federal and State Governments to prioritise the welfare of every Nigerian citizen in 2018.

Martins made the appeal in his New Year message released on Friday.

“The low quality of lives that characterised most of the year 2017 led to untold hardships and alarming illegal migration of able-bodied Nigerians to Libya and European countries.

“The Federal and State governments should wake up to the reality that the electorate – the citizens of this country to whom they campaigned and who voted them into power – deserve better quality of lives in the year 2018 and beyond,” he said.

Martins also urged political leaders to make concerted effort to restructure the country towards the path of true federalism.

“As Nigerians, we have every cause to thank God for seeing us through the difficult year 2017.

“We went through very challenging situations both economically and politically, yet it has pleased the Almighty God to continue to keep us as one and indivisible entity.

“But we must tell ourselves the gospel truth; the year 2017 was not a very happy one for most Nigerians.

“Many state governments failed in their responsibilities to their citizens; workers salaries were not paid; unemployment and insecurity were at an all-time high.

“The Federal Government too did not perform better. It is yet to deliver on many of its electoral promises, including restructuring of the country.

“In this New Year, leadership at all levels should wake up and be alive to their responsibilities,” he said.

Martins also urged the electorate to be more discerning.

The Archbishop scored the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC and its subsidiaries low for failing to provide adequate petroleum products during the festive period.

He said this added to the sufferings of the already impoverished citizens of the country.

The cleric urged the Federal Government to approach the problem confronting the petroleum sector holistically by considering building of new refineries.

He said this was better than constantly importing refined products, even though the country is a major producer of oil.

“So much money has been put into Turn-Around-Maintenance (TAM) over the years without anything to show for it.

“Licences have been given to private entrepreneurs over the years but we have not seen that making any impact on the lives of Nigerians.

“Government needs to ensure that the bottle-necks to the success of those initiatives are removed and if there are people not making it work, government should have the moral courage to remove them also,” he said.

The cleric urged Nigerians to remain steadfast in prayers for the continuous peace and unity of the country.

He called on the political class to exhibit more transparency, accountability, and selflessness in the New Year.

Martins said that the present hardship being experienced across the country makes it incumbent on them to re-appraise the huge cost of governance at all levels and make the necessary adjustments for the good of all. (NAN)

Accident: 2000 APC Youths Pray For Yusuf Buhari’s Recovery

The National Youth Caucus of All Progressives Congress (APC) has held a special prayer for the quick recovery of Yusuf Buhari, the son of President Muhammadu Buhari, who was involved in an accident.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that no fewer than 2, 000 members of the APC youth wing gathered in Abuja on Friday to perform supplications and seek divine intervention for Yusuf.

The youth caucus also offered special prayer for sustained peace, unity and progress of the nation as well as guidance for its leaders.

Similarly, prayers were conducted for continued good health of President Buhari and the success of his administration.

Briefing journalists, Mr Haruna Okatahi, Publicity Secretary of the caucus, said Yusuf deserved sympathy of all Nigerians, especially the youth, due to the enormous sacrifice his father was making to re-position Nigeria.

Okatahi said thousands of youths were now benefiting from the N-Power Programme, which recruited unemployed graduates to work as teachers, agricultural extension workers and health extension workers, among other jobs.

He also commended the Federal Government for adopting holistic approach toward addressing fuel scarcity in the country.

“ This prayer session has become necessary for us to show our sympathy to Mr Yusuf Buhari, son of President Muhammadu Buhari, who was involved in accident few days ago.

“ Yusuf deserves our sympathy and the sympathy of all Nigerians, especially the youth who are among the direct beneficiaries of Buhari’s programmes and policies.

“ We pray to the Almighty God to heal him and increase his good health and that of his father so that he will continue the good work he has started,“ Okatah said.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Malam Garba Shehu, the president’s Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, had on Wednesday in a statement confirmed that Yusuf was involved in a bike accident,

He said that Yusuf had the accident on Tuesday night around Gwarimpa area in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja.
According to Shehu, Yusuf broke a limb and also sustained an injury to the head as a result of the incident.


Reno Omokri Blasts Man Who Blamed PDP For Yusuf Buhari’s Accident

Former Special Assistant to President Jonathan on New Media, Reno Omokri has lambasted a man, Amir Habib Wali, who blamed the power bike accident suffered by President Buhari’s son Yusuf on the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Wali had tweeted: Yusuf, Your Father Survived, so shall you!!! Insha Allah. This is the work of PDP

He also added a picture of Yusuf.

However, Omokri, who’s a well-known defender of the party, described the allegation as “madness”.

Omokri said, “What sort of madness is this? There is no need to politicise everything. Allow this family to focus on the recovery of their only son without witch hunting the opposition. Yusuf, again I pray that God in His infinite mercy heals you and restores you as you were. In Jesus’ name.”

See Wali’s tweet:

Nigerian Male Barbie, Bobrisky Declares His Intention To Snatch Married Men In 2018

Nigerian male barbie, Bobrisky has declared his intention to snatch married men in 2018, urging Nigerian sidechics to join him in his mission. Bobrisky took to his Snapchat to reveal his intention, he wrote; Girls our new lesson here is how to snatch their husband in 2018 their father.

When God gave them better man they won’t allow the man to rest, they will be fighting the man every seconds, they won’t f**k him well, all they do is complain of tiredness. Now we are about to snatch them in 2018.

Snatch him, f**k him and clean mouth, infact if you see him in public tomorrow, act as if you don’t know him. THIS IS GAME IN 2018. Anybody that wants to come and confront you for f**king their husband or boyfriend, tell her to go and f**k her man well

See the screenshots below;


See The Face Of The Man Who Killed His Suckling 6 Months Old Child In Abeokuta (Photo)

The Ogun State Police Command says it has arrested one Andrew Koku, a resident of Ayedere in the Obada area of Abeokuta, for allegedly killing his six-month-old baby, Precious Koku.

A police report indicated that the suspect was arrested following a complaint from the mother of the baby, Omowumi Teleda.

She was said to have lodged a complaint at the Adigbe Police Division that she went out briefly to see the first child she had with her ex-husband, leaving the six-month-old baby behind with the suspect.

She told the police that when she returned to the house, she met Precious dead.

The state Police Public Relations Officer, Abimbola Oyeyemi, said Precious’ mother explained further that the baby was hale and hearty when she left home, adding that she was surprised that the baby had died when she returned.

The PPRO said, “The development made her to suspect her husband, who happened to be the only person with the baby.

“Consequent upon her complaint, the Divisional Police Officer, Adigbe division, Sunday Oladipo, detailed detectives to the scene and the suspect was arrested on December 24.”

Oyeyemi said on interrogation, the suspect confessed to the crime, but claimed that he killed the baby because he suspected that his wife wanted to leave him for the ex-husband, adding that if such happened, he would not be able to take care of the baby.

The police spokesman said the state Commissioner of Police, Ahmed Iliyasu, had directed that the case be transferred to Homicide Section of the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department for further investigation.

First Lady, Aisha Buhari Placed On Bed Rest Following Her Son's Motor Bike Accident (See Details)

Aisha mother of Yusuf Buhari (who suffered Fractures and head injuries after Tuesday's Bike crash) has been placed in bed rest at Cedacrest Hospital in the nation’s capital, Abuja.
The private health facility is where Yusuf was rushed to Tuesday night after his involvement in a bike accident.

Yusuf is reportedly not in good shape and his condition has taken serious toll on his mother, Aisha.

Checkout These Strange Rules In Some Of Nigeria Private Universities

Private Universities in Nigeria have over the years proved to be expensive citadels of learning and funny rules.

Almost all the private universities in the country have one rules or the other that expose their students to mockery by their counterparts in government-controlled tertiary institutions.
An ideal university is a learning environment with a modicum of control that allows students to ventilate their ideas without any fear.
10 amusing rules in Nigerian Private Universitiesplay
Mountain of Fire University Gate (Naijagospel)
But Nigerian private universities are good academic communities that pin down their students with rules and regulations that are explicitly stated in the students' handbooks.

Most of these schools are faith-based institutions and here are some of the funny rules the universities management devised to control the perceived excesses of their students.
1 Guys can't hug girls after 7 pm
At Joseph Ayo Babalola University, Male students are not allowed to hug their female counterpart from 7 pm. Any student caught violating the rule will be forced to undergo community service in the university bakery.
2 Jeans and Chinos are 'diabolic materials'
Covenant University has some of the strangest rules that either attract suspension or expulsion.
In the university handbook, students are not allowed to wear Jeans, Chinos and Corduroy materials because according to the management, these clothing are diabolic.

3. You can't wear Designer glasses and local beads
Al-Hikmat University is a prominent Islamic educational institution in Nigeria. This university forbids its students from wearing designer glasses and local beads.
4. Students shouldn't use a car
Students of Ajayi Crowther University are not permitted to use any ride anytime they are on campus. Non-compliant of this law attract seizure of the car and the student will have to face the disciplinary committee for challenging the university law.
5. No pregnancy for married and unmarried students
Ajayi Crowther University also forbids it, students whether married or unmarried from getting pregnant.
The penalty for this offence is a session suspension and the same penalty applies to the male student who impregnates his female colleague.
6. Fashion accessories for female students is prohibited
The Mountain of Fire University derives its rules from the Church that established it. This university frowns at the use of certain fashion accessories like necklaces, chains and hand bands.
Also, female students' skirt hems must be 2-4 inches below the knee. As for male students, it is illegal to wear ties with canvass.
7. Wearing of short skirts and long hair is prohibited
Like Mountain of Fire University, Babcock University does not allow female students to wear short skirts and long hair on campus. When a student fixes attachment to her hair, the university rules say the extension must not exceed her neck.
8. Faculty dress Code
As a student at Afe Babalola University in Ado Ekiti, you are expected to comply with the university dress code for each Faculty. For instance, it is reported that those in Sciences put on cream-coloured shirts with trousers to match.
9. You can't keep raw foodstuff in your hostel
At Bowen University, it is illegal to keep raw foodstuff in your hostel. The university also does not allow its students to wear jeans.
10. Watching or listening to worldly music is a crime.
At Covenant University, listening to world music is a grave offence that could get students expelled from the school. The university frowns at secular music and will never allow its students to be destroyed by such entertainment.
Fam! if you have a sibling or cousin who wants to slay like queens and swag like kings in campus, you'll need to advise them not to choose any of these universities because these institutions will not allow them to express their 21st century ideas.

Muma Gee Stuns Fan By Kissing Him Onstage At One Lagos Fiesta (Photos)

One lucky fan got an unexpected gift from Nigerian musician Muma Gee yesterday at the Victoria Island centre of One Lagos Fiesta.

The unidentified man was in the audience when Muma Gee locked eyes with him and invited him onstage to dance with her. The two then had a moment of slow dancing before she hugged him and planted a kiss on his lips.

The crowd reacted by screaming before Muma Gee completed her set.

One Lagos Fiesta continues tonight across all the five locations in Lagos. Who knows what surprises remain to be seen?

Actor, Uche Maduagwu Says He Brought Wizkid And Davido Back Together (Photo)

One lucky fan got an unexpected gift from Nigerian musician Muma Gee yesterday at the Victoria Island centre of One Lagos Fiesta.

The unidentified man was in the audience when Muma Gee locked eyes with him and invited him onstage to dance with her. The two then had a moment of slow dancing before she hugged him and planted a kiss on his lips.

The crowd reacted by screaming before Muma Gee completed her set.

One Lagos Fiesta continues tonight across all the five locations in Lagos. Who knows what surprises remain to be seen?

Davido Postrates Before 2face Idibia During His Recent #30billionconcert (Photo)

Legendary singer, 2Face was one of the artists that performed at Davido’s 30 Billion concert last night. He performed some of his major hits and Davido prostrated for him before he left the stage. After singing some of hits hits half way, it was at this point that Davido prostrated to the 42 year old music king.

Recall that Tuface who is undisputed one of the most dedicated and respected musician in the industry weighed into controversies surrounding death of Davido’s friends: Tagbo Umeike, Dj Olu Abiodun and Chime Amechina.

The Afro-pop legend when asked about the incident in an interview with NET, blamed Davido’s friendly attitude for the incident. According to him, Davido’s jolly attitude landed him in such circumstance.

He, however advised Davido not to change his personality despite criticisms, adding that he should be more careful henceforth.

Nollywood Actress And Movie Producer, Bukola Raji Shares Stunnig Photos To Mark Her Birthday

 Nollywood actress and film maker, Rebeccah Adebukonla Abiodun Raji-Ambode popularly known as Bukky Raji shares new stunning pictures to mark her birthday today (December 28, 2017).

The Ondo State born thespian and graduate of Mass Communication from Olabisi Onabanjo University started her acting career immediately after her secondary school education in 1999. Bukola has a lot of movies to her credit, both as an actress and a movie producer. Some of her self-produced works include but not limited to, OMIJE OPO, OLUGBALA,, FOLAHANMI, KILEREMI, MAFI SERE, IRUJU and many more.

Aside being an actress and a movie producer, Bukola is also a script writer, dancer, Tv presenter and a wife. She got married to the love of her life, David Ayomide Ambode in April 2016.

See birthday pictures below...

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