Monday, August 20, 2018

Nigerian female soldier assaults her housemaid for not washing plates (Photos)

A Nigerian female soldier identified as Ozoekwu Esther Onyinye has been accused of brutal abuse of her underage househelp.

The Lagos soldier from Ebonyi State, is said to be the occupant of CDQ 14 Flat 12 Ikeja Cantonment Army Barracks.

Facebook user Ibeto Chijindu who shared the report, wrote;

08067502471 this is her number, ozoekwu Esther onyinye is FB name, from ebonyi state let’s fright for this poor child nkiruka,she is a house help to this woman,,who have been maltreating her, today own is all BC of she did not wash plate on time she wickedly fronged her this way,all BC she is a solider CDQ 14 FLAT 12 IKEJA CANTONMENT ARMY BARRACKS,THEIR HEADS HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED YET NO RESPONSE YET,LET GET HER TO TAKE THIS POOR GIRL BACK HOME,AND SHE TOO IS A MOTHER,A WICKED MOTHER,SHARE FOR JUSTICE TILL SHE IS TAKEN BACK Copied

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