Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Popular Singer, Banky W Begins His Campaign For House Of Representatives

Banky W's supporters
Following the declaration of his declaration to run for the House of Representatives, Nigerian singer, Banky W, has begun his campaign proper.
The singer released some videos showing himself speaking to a group of keen listeners who came out to support him as he went from street to street bearing his message of "Hope '19".
Banky W speaks to his teeming listeners
Posting the videos on Instagram, Banky W wrote, "This was not a rented crowd. These were just people who heard our message, and decided they're ready to try something different. 
"Some are underestimating us, but they're starting to understand that maybe this time.. it's about more than money and the same old structure. It's about the people. 
"History is only made by those who dare to think they can do the impossible. We can do it, if we do it together. 
"Stand with me. Hope with me. Go Door to Door with me. We will fix Nigeria, one community at a time. Starting with mine. 
"#EtiOsa #MDP #BankOnBanky #Hope19

"PS Lol clearly I need to invest in a megaphone ASAP

"PPS Please help by reposting this video"


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