Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Photo Of SS2 Student Who Was Rescued After Attempting Suicide Over 'Wrong' Accusation

Aisha Ibrahim Isa

According to a report by NewTelegraph, a 17-year-old SS II student of Modibbo Aldama Girls Arabic Secondary School, Maruda, Sokoto, Aisha Ibrahim Isa, last week attempted to commit suicide to avoid being paraded at the assembly before other students by the school authority for stealing.

Aisha stated that other two students confessed they stole the money at the Dr. Kulu hostel.

She further described the alleged theft leveled against her as painful and unfortunate, and as such, putting her reputation to jeopardy, shame and discredited her person. That informed her decision to commit suicide.

A’isha vowed not to return to the school even if she is discharged from the hospital and even if the school authority exonerated her from the allegation.

Isa, who was admitted Monday morning at the Murtala Mohammed Hospital, Sokoto, allegedly ate torch light battery in her attempt to commit.

While narrating her ordeal to our Correspondent on her hospital bed, the SS II student said she was being interrogated and threatened along with three other students by the school authority on allegation of a N2000 theft.

She took time to explain herself and swore that she was never involved in theft or took what was never hers in her life.

Isa, who was in tears, narrated the ordeal and shame she was forced to experience in the cause of the interrogation especially by the school’s disciplinary and Students Affairs Committee.

According to her: “On Sunday night, I borrowed a torch light from one of my hostel mates with the intention to use it to light the toilet but removed one of the batteries, grinded and mixed it with water and drank it with the aim of committing suicide just to bring to end to my life over the allegation.”

She explained that she decided to kill herself by taking the battery poison on Sunday night as the school authority resolved to parade her in front of the school students during the congregational school assembly, the next day, a Monday.

She further described the alleged theft levelled against her as painful and unfortunate and such puts her reputation in shame and discredited her.

A’isha said she hated false attributions, as such, she was not satisfied and would not return to the school even if she is discharged from the hospital or the school authority exonerated her from the allegations.

The student further said she later found herself on the hospital bed with drip on her hand.

Contacted on the issue, the Deputy Executive Secretary, State Arabic Secondary Schools Board, Alhaji Ahmad Shehu Dogarai said he was yet to receive report on the issue.

Also, the Principal of the School, Hajiya Shafa’u Musa, who avoided further comments on the issue, said the school authority was making effort to ensure discipline, improve academic performances and conducive environment for both the students and the staff of the school.

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