Thursday, May 9, 2019

Woman Arrested After Injuring And Locking Her 16-year-old Housemaid In A Room In Abuja (Photo)

The housemaid

A 16-year-old girl from Benue State, working as a housemaid was rescued from a house in Utako district, Abuja. Her employer has been arrested and will be arraigned today.

Read report by Facebook user Gabriel Nungwa:

"Laying down here is a victim of Jukum/Tiv crises. Her parents are residing in Wukari local government there in Taraba state.

After they have fled from the incessant attacks and killings, one Igede lady went and asked the family of this innocent 16 year's girl that she wants a house help. Unknowingly their obediently gave this girl to her and she brought her to FCT Abuja Utako district.

A rumour reached the president Mzough U Tiv Dnako branch on 7th April, 2019 that this girl was lock in a bedroom apartment, on reaching there behold the door was under lock and key while she laid helplessly inside.

According to what she told us, instead of serving her food the Igede lady will served her beating everyday and she sustained some injuries on her body.

The president quickly directed his Secretary general to get Nigeria police informed, which he did . The policemen arrested the wicked Igede lady as soon as she came back from market yesterday.

She is waiting trial from tomorrow.

Already Human Right Commission and NAPTIP are aware of the case.

Her village is from Tse Kighir Mbawar Adzendeshe council Ward in Ukum local government Benue state.

We're yet to get her family's contact number. Details tomorrow."

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