Thursday, July 4, 2019

Man Locks Up Epileptic Son Inside Room For 20 Years (Photo)


A Ghanaian man, Mallam Abass Abdulai, locked up his son, Basty, 23, for 20 years due to his epileptic condition.

Basty has lived most of his life in a locked room so that he would not have the opportunity to walk out. He eats, sleeps and defecates in the same room, reports Myjoyonline.

It also reports that food and water were often passed through a window, which also serves as his only source of light.

Basty’s father, Mallam Abass has revealed that the family decided to isolate him because of his condition.

Speaking to Myjoyonline, Mallam Abass said his son suffers from epilepsy and is unable to independently think for himself, understand what he is told or take care of himself.

According to him, his son also defecates anywhere so he thought restricting him to a room was the best option to prevent him from being attacked by his epilepsy in the open.

Basty’s father said his mother abandoned him when he was just 18 months old and had not returned since. Basty was raised by his late grandmother.

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