Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Just Saying: Relocating is not an easy something o - A blogger's journal

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Are you relocating soon and you don't know how to start the whole process?

You are not alone in that challenge class abi make we call am Challenge bus stop for Ibadan ni. Lol...

Seriously, relocation or relocating is not a child's play o, especially in this part of the world. I have been singing and thinking relocation for the past four years but I kept postponing it for the "Right time".

News flash!!!! There is never a right time to relocate; Yes, I said so. There is never a perfect time to relocate, except if your new employer insist you move (and they pay for it of course) either to another state, country or city. If you are moving and the money is coming out of your pocket with no sponsor, biko get in here, this journal will interest you and maybe totori your long throat for new adventure.

I finally decided to relocate, after four years of postponement. Whew!!! It is not a joking matter o. Haaa! Left nose mucus almost went through the right nose hole. Oooin, I am doing well o jare.

I will be updating you all about the do's and don't of relocation, based on my own personal experience nio. The State I moved to na anoda tory for another day.

Stay plugged in to this blog and expect more from me, as it was in the beginning.

My mentee will still be posting updates on the blog, but I will be chipping in one or two things here and there. And I will be sharing my personal journal with you all.

Please folks, you all should stay safe out there, this COVID-19 case tie stubborn wrapper wey na only baba God fit cut loose. Wash your hand often, take precautions and PRAY!!!


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