Thursday, March 5, 2020

Sidechick Disgraced For Having Anal S3x With Married Man Finally Speaks Up

Sidechick Disgraced For Having Anal Sex With Married Man Finally Speaks Up

In a video that went viral few days back, the young lady was attacked by a woman, who shamed her for allegedly consenting to have anal s3x with her husband.

The lady who was harassed by another woman for allegedly having anal sex with her husband, has finally spoken out in a new video.

The lady however did not mutter a word as she made attempts to leave the mall leaving her attacker behind.

In a new video, the lady has now spoken on the whole mall drama. Stating that she shot it without knowing that it would go viral.

According to her, it was a staged video, and she is not ready to sue the ‘wife’ who attacked her. She also warned celebrities to desist from asking her for anal s3x in her DM.

The lady further advised women to satisfy their husbands, regardless of the sexual position he demands.

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