Monday, August 24, 2020

A blogger's journal: What next after relocation

Credit: Phone picture from my trip's archive
Whew!!! It's been a minute since I posted about my relocation. All of us know say Covid-19 palava tie wrapper come use better damask material to tie the gele. Na the matter we still dey settle since.

Relocating out of state is one thing, staying indoors because lockdown and curfew was put in place few days after I arrived at the new environment is another thing. How did I survive the lockdown and curfew? Oh well, Netflix and Instagram live came to my rescue, and they both did well. Did I mention I was also taking online classes in two different colleges in the middle of the whole chaos? Oh yeah, I am used to wearing so many hats (and heels too) and I try my best to wear them well with baba God's help. HE loves me too much to allow me stress myself without HIS help.

The new city:
I haven't seen or visit a lot of of places in Maryland, D.C area but the few places I have been to has proven to be interesting. The county mall is few minutes drive from my house (a plus and minus at the same time, you know what I mean) and it was recently opened. Yayy! Start spending your extra savings Funke!!! *Rolls eyes*

The mall:

Has a lot of stores but not as many as the malls in Dallas but hey! I refused to be tempted to move back to the Cowboys city. I have to make my relationship with the Chocolate city work, especially after spending all my savings to move here. *Local woman cannot can* (In Twitterian's keyboard voice)

Cost of living:
My oh my!!!!!! This city is expensive. Whew! Everything here is high; from electricity bill, rent, internet bill and what have you. I was recently at the Driver's licence office to change my DL and the fee was triple what I used to pay in Dallas. Let's not forget how much I was charged for an oil change when I took my car for services at my Dealer's place. It is not a child's play. The rent nko? It is expensive and the apartment community customer service is a story for another day.*Okokobioko* (This one pass Sekem matter

Let me pause here and gather my keyboard-strength for my next journal.

Until I drop by again in the blogger's journal corner, keep staying safe and please, practice social distancing.


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