Tuesday, September 29, 2020

5 Ways To Maintain Your Girlfriend Without Money

  Now that I have your attention young man, Go and work. I’ve never been a fan of name-tagging less privileged guys as “broke boys”, but a friend asked me a question yesterday, she said “Do broke men have sex?” ..Real funny, but thrashable. So let’s talk…


First off, stay away. Most of them are not looking for love, and when I say ‘most’, I mean 99.99999% of them are not looking for love. The remaining 0.00001% may consist of the temporarily naive 100level full time students and the Diploma students. Please run away from the 400level students(especially the ones in Masscom).

If you don’t really have money and you are looking to date a student in Lagos, chill, hope is not lost; Yabatech is not far.

2. Cut Your Coat According To Your Pocket!

There are low-maintenance and high-maintenance girlfriends. Why would you as a young guy on the street,hustling and working so hard to make a living, go after a girl whose material standard is way beyond your capacity. Then when she asks for money,you’ll go about screaming “she’s too materialistic”.

Didn’t you know that before you asked her out? Most street guys fall for beauty(The lovely hair,the nails, the fancy makeup on fleek, the nice clothes etc), but when it comes to your turn to maintain that lifestyle,it becomes a problem. Relationship is not a do or die. If you don’t have money, there are loads of lowly, non-materialistic girls out there .Go for them, and tush tush them up to your taste. No go dey do pass yourself


3. Let one woman be enough for you


Someone once said “broke guys cheat more than the rich ones”… Trust me,I agree. The rich guys cheat, but with a style you’ll admire .There’s class and poise with the ladies they go after, enviable girls that will make you sit right and level up even as a lady. Correct me if I’m wrong, but why do the street niggas rely on sex like it’s a way to exhume poverty out of their lives??? Why are they friends with almost every girl on campus and they see being a ‘player’ as a trophy?

Why do they enjoy it when their friends hail them about how smart they are when it comes to toying with several girls?… Y’all aren’t even ready for this topic.. Moving forward

4. Level up your own girl

So instead of falling for how other girls look, or comparing your girlfriend to one pretty girl or the other because they dress well or they fly well, treat your own girl right too! Those girls look fly because there’s a sugar daddy or a boyfriend or a rich father somewhere taking care of their needs. And if you can’t do the same for yours, let her go.


Go find someone that meets your taste so that she too can find someone to accept her the way she is. Dating is noy by force. You don’t have to stay with someone that isnt “supposedly” perfect for you. She’s too fat? Let her go, instead of trying to get her to lose weight, go and get yourself a thin girlfriend. She doesn’t dress well? And you can’t tush her up? Instead of complaining ,let her go. Don’t string people along.

5. Don’t string people along

This is where God will even punish you. Don’t play along or string anyone along. That is the worst thing you can ever do to someone. If they are not what you want,kindly let them go. We all deserve to be loved truly and sincerely. Don’t pretend to love someone, if you don’t have any intention of helping/loving/marrying them, dont stay and don’t make empty promises.

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