Friday, September 18, 2020

"I'm Not Done With You"

When you lament "God why have you not done this or that for me? God why is my life like this?" Most people go off on you and mistake it for you not being grateful; They say stuffs like "Some people are dead,some are in the hospital,some are poor" and bla bla bla. Of a truth, gratitude is key. But instead of looking back at the people that don't have as much as you, we also have to consider the fact that God kept you alive,Hale and hearty for a purpose,and it is rqeally a sin and a big crime for you not to live up to the full potential that you have been purposed for. 

Look at it this way,God didn't keep you alive so you could be poor,weak and frustrated;so if negative things are happening to you, you really have to cry back to your maker; "To whom much is given,much is expected". 

Lately, we are at our wits end; Tired, confused and trying so hard to keep up…Can we look past the chaos and see the light at the end of the tunnel? Can we look past the economic meltdown and see God? Can we halt for a second and hear the universe calling out to us for alignment?

 Still. Don’t be out of tune with the life force.

In the stillness and quietness you’ll find peace, solitude, self actualization, understanding, and   and answers to tugging questions.

Be in tune with the universe, align, listen, take the time to understand your destiny, to understand your soul, to understand your family; take the time to work on YOU.

Some have died, should we say they are lucky? We are at war; perhaps they are at peace… it’s a war in the land of the living.

”The violent taketh it by force”

B fate of many holds a question mark…

The walls may bust open for all we have witnessed…hunger, anger, pain, shame, tears, fears, fight, uncertainties and hopelessness . 

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