Thursday, September 17, 2020

Men Are Scum, Women Are Scums Too

 So today i want to address the various ‘whys’ in relationships, but today’s angle is “Why do guys put in a whole lot of effort into chasing a girl and then it vanishes after the goal is achieved”… let’s go, Why?


Why is the first phase of ‘toasting’ always the best part? With the constant ‘have you eaten?’ ‘I’m thinking of you’ ‘I can’t do without you’????? With the constant calls and text messages, they reply so fast when you text, you get calls and voice notes almost every second… Why does it end? What makes it fade?

Well, I have a soggy response for this, MEN LOVE EXCITEMENT. The joy and adrenaline lies in the chase. You dig? It’s like playing a tough game that has 3 levels. After stage 1, you are so eager and restless to reach stage 2, ready to fight all obstacles, even ready to find cheat codes! THE EXCITEMENT! You wade through all the levels and suddenly the game looks like nothing, no longer hard or tough…Sucks right? I know

There’s nothing more painful than broken trust and broken expectations. Or perhaps we trust too fast, too easily, and expect too much from people that are apparently just catching their own cruise.



Women, most times, tend to possess a natural sense of attachment, belonging, and loyalty. We forget we are WOMEN, with or without a man, you are still a woman! Strong, beautiful, endearing and passionate.. then what’s the problem? Aren’t we enough for them to keep loving us and pushing? Here’s the problem(or at least, some of the problems)

Why would a guy ask you to come spend the night and then you pack a bag that can last you for five days??? Why would a guy ask you out once and you are already needing 2k urgently??? Why would you go to a guy’s house  and start expressing your home training or seek validation or prove yourself worthy of his love and commitment by laying the bed or doing his laundry/dishes or cooking???? Allow yourself to go on proper dates, allow the guy show efforts too, set standards and perhaps you might get it back.


For some of us(ladies), love comes easily. We have loads and loads of love to give. Sadly, wrongly dispensed love would leave you feeling miserable. Don’t be scared, you are in love? Say it. You like someone? Tell him. He’s cute and you tripping? Tap his ass, text him, you won’t die hunny! What’s the worst that could happen????

Perhaps we need to know that self reliance is greater than any promise. Do it for you. Give love, lots and lots of it, but never forget to give yourself too. It’s the most beautiful gift.

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