Wednesday, September 16, 2020

My Life Is What I'm Fighting For

Dear Diary,
Based on instincts, I write for those of us in our twenties, let’s think. Let’s ponder. Let’s do a personal review.
Woke up reflecting on life generally. Why are some things hard to achieve? We can be whoever or whatever we want, but some unforeseen hindrances suddenly surface. I pondered for several minutes. Everyone was asleep. I got off the bed and opened my diary. Flipping the pages and running my eyes through all the past occurrences and observations I had penned in them; I sighed.
Who am I? Outside my family, outside my circle of friends, outside my workplace, outside my career… Who am I?

Who am I outside what my parents taught me? Who am I outside what friends and society and the school have taught me? Who am I outside what my eyes can see?
Sadly, in most cases, by the time we realize what we are called to do or who we really want to be, it would have been too late or perhaps we would have been too old to ‘be’ it.
The good part is, its fine.
Get a new dream. A new fire. Tap into yourself and find the strength to build again. Find the courage to forge ahead and stop being a captive of your past. Some speakers would urge you to make it before the age of twenty-five, some societal discriminators would demean your existence if you don’t have some sort of solid accomplishment and achievement before thirty.
Think about this; you don’t have to spend the first twenty years of your life accomplishing something you’ll be bragging about forty/fifty years after. The ‘good old days’ some would call it.
God didn’t spare your life so you can rehearse old ideas and sulk on things you’ve lost or mistakes you have made.
You are alive. So, start over.
Don’t spend the time you have regretting your past or wishing you had done some things you didn’t do. Spend your time doing what you WANT to do and what you HAVE to do.
Move with people who have similar instincts but different talents; a team for the task. Pool together with people who can contribute different skills and talents to the dream you seek to achieve.
You should know something, no matter what you are going through, God is not trying to kill you. Rather He is trying to show you how much potentials are embedded in you. Stop hiding them, quit limiting yourself. You are bigger. Do bigger!
Of a truth, transitions are usually challenging. Mostly because we get confused when we are forced to discover new things about ourselves and pushed out of our comfort zones. You will not discover yourself in your comfort zone. Hard times breed hard people. Tough situations breed strong hearts. LEAVE YOUR COMFORT ZONE.
Don’t be afraid to cry. Don’t be scared of pain. Moving forward takes pain, sacrifices, strength. It is never an easy task. So to move forward, you would have to learn to endure pain and tears. The days of crying would come, and they would go. The days of starving would come, and they would go. The days of loneliness would come, and they would go.
The weaning process is never sweet or tolerable, neither is the pruning process fun. But your life has to be denied of certain people and certain pleasures so things can work out. Even your source of sustenance would change. But count it all joy. Again, God is not trying to kill you.
Let the pruning make you stronger.
For all of us in our twenties, this is our incubation period. Let’s come out well. Let’s fight to win. Let’s struggle to achieve.
Let’s live
Let’s grow in our groaning. Let’s make changes even while we cry. Let’s communicate to the world even when we can’t find our voice. Let’s just do it!
All will be well.


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