Friday, September 25, 2020

Please, Be Happy

 Dear diary,

There’s confusion and strife everywhere, so let’s address an issue..

“Happiness”. What is happiness to you? What brings you joy?

Our definition of happiness differs, one from the other. Man’s pursuit in life is a quest for happiness, wealth, love, fame, purpose, stability and more.
You should note that “contentment does not necessarily bring happiness, happiness begets contentment.”

Whatever phase of life we find ourselves, we have to learn how to be happy there. If you don’t learn to appreciate and be happy where you are, you might not get the chance to be happy where you want or wish to be.

Some people would say “… In five years to come, I should be fulfilled. With my car, my dream home, my dream job, my dream life….”

You should bear in mind, that the journey to that ‘In five years’ began the very second you made the declaration. Believe in yourself and in what you want to be; nothing is as bad as it seems.

Believe that ‘every situation is reparable’.

Believe in God(if you will), or simply believe in whatever drives you.
What is the drive? Something that pushes or motivates you to do better.
Your drive could be your mother, your entire family, it could be hatred, it could be vengeance or a better half… But everyone has something. Every man has a drive.

People tend to believe that when you are angry at your present state or predicament, it would give you the drive to work harder to get where you want to be. True, but not entirely.

The anger would drive you to desperation, and in turn, the desperation would cause you to run a race where you would lose friends, lose love, lose your conscience, and worse you might end up losing the joy and contentment you are supposed to feel at the end of the race.

When you choose to be happy, regardless of your current situation, it would help you take things slowly and with caution. It would help you envision the brighter days ahead. It would help you to learn how to carry family and friends along. It would teach you how to love and accept love in return. It would teach you contentment, and it would bring you peace.

Irrespective of what you have lost, what has been taken from you, how people have hurt or rejected you; make a decision to be HAPPY.

Wear a sincere smile on your face always. Forget resentment. Kill sadness. Blot out all forms of sentiments and lingering shadows of your past. Choose to be happy. Choose survival.

Life is too short to be miserable, too short to make excuses. Too short to harbor bitterness and hatred, and definitely too short for you to spend it living in fear of the unknown.

Cut yourself loose. Be free. Be HAPPY. Remember, nothing is as bad as it seems.

I love you.

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