Monday, September 21, 2020

Stop Beating Yourself Up

 1. School is not an assurance for success

So yea, you’ve got your degree or degrees, and there’s no job, there’s no skill or handiwork you are interested in? It’s fine. But Don’t be stupid enough to think that’s the end, or think your village people are after you. Don’t be stupid enough to give up on your hopes and dreams because things are temporarily not working out as they should. Don’t be stupid enough to think of suicide. Relax, Change they say,is constant. Nothing lasts. It’ll pass. There’s always something new to do,so long as you have a roof over your head,good health, a phone, and money to buy sub… It is what it is…

2. You are single to stupor #SinglePringle Abeg o,Marriage is not for everyone

I can literally imagine Lola’s face shouting “God when” right now.

So what you are single? So what you are not married at the expected age? So what if women don’t love you,they just want your money? So what if men don’t want you,they just want sex?…  since when did having a partner become a yardstick for greatness? Don’t be stupid enough to think marriage is a paradigm for fulfilment. It isn’t. Married or not, single or not,live your best life. It’s high time we normalize women being allowed to be successful and single. So sad our Society frowns at  women who have made a name for themselves but supposedly don’t have a man.


3. Cardi B said “…. Get a sugar daddy”

So you’ve tried school,no job, no support from friends or folks and you’ve got bills to pay, and there’s no financial help from wherever, stop being stupid and GET YASELF A SHUGA ZADDY!!!! Don’t frown at me,Cardi said it (tho it’s an advice I’d take too). Life is not black and white,it’s all shades of grueen, grey,yellow,indigo,brown and so on. Don’t judge people for what you are also doing secretly; just because they didn’t get caught doesn’t make them saints. Don’t be a hypocrite.  

4.  Stop pitying yourself

Life is hard,the economy is bad, Buhari is not hairy,He is bald…bla bla bla, snap out of the pity party. 2020 has been overwhelming,but in turn it taught us that there are actually some situations that are beyond control,you can’t do everything. So don’t be stupid enough to keep wallowing in the “why me why me” self pity. There’s too much to do and so much more to achieve. Whenever you feel like you are drowning and your life is finished,change your environment,change the people around you immediately… Usually we are limited by our environment. When you step out of that familiar zone,you would realize that the world is a really big place,and there’s truly a lot to do,see,and achieve.

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