Friday, September 25, 2020

Top 5 Ways To Make Lots Of Money Today

 1. Steal It

The fastest way to make money is by stealing it. Funny? Yea, Funny ,but factual; Steal it. I’m not talking about stealing N100 from your mummy’s bag,I’m talking about real money. Let’s look at it together: The richest people in the world are thieves, majorly “smart thieves”. Thieves that do not need to kill of use guns. E.g Politicians,banks, insurance companies, network providers,hackers, etc. These are actually white collar/blue collar/agbada So when you are tired of your 9-5 routine. Start stealing.

2. Chill, You’ll see money on the floor

For the longest of my childhood years, I prayed to see money on the floor; Even till now,permit me to be sincere. The fantasy is, “God make I just see bag of money inside bush” or “Make one business man just forget suitcase inside cab wey I wan enter”. Nollywood caused it anyway. But that’s fair. Now the problem is, after seeing the money, I really wouldn’t like to turn to potato; so what do you do? Jump on it, shout “die by fire”, urinate and spit on it, then off you go; A billionaire! The newest Otedola. Go buy yourself a Ferrari.

3. Get a side hustle,your certificate won’t save you

In a country that is ruled by non-Bsc holders, you think school degree would be enough to save your life? Get a side hustle. How? Well,if the legal way isn’t paying off, do it “illegally”. 50cent said “Legal or illegal, baby i gotta make it”… Funny yea? No it isn’t funny. Life is not a straight road, and I’m not a motivational speaker. We beat ourselves up by refusing to take risks, we stagnate ourselves by refusing to think out of the box and take drastic decisions,we depress ourselves by staying on our knees praying for a change instead getting up after praying and going straight for what you want. Even the Bible said “The Kingdom of God suffereth violence,the violent taketh it by force”. Hustle your way to your breakthrough.

4. Plant It

So yea, plant it. Bible said “even if your faith is as small as a mustard seed…” … Take N500 and plant it, you’d probably get 5million, plant N1000, you’d probably get 1billion… Don’t be silly, i know your head is already turnioniown…lol… I meant investments or starting a small business… Handcrafts, arts, soap making, cream making, cloth designing, a whole lot of stuffs to invest your money in

. 5. I need to take my own advice, I’m broke too

Guess we are all in the same boat, so I really need to read this article I wrote while having my breakfast. Guess what I’m eating …… Anyway, I wish us all the very best as we hustle and try so hard to make a name and a good life for ourselves and everyone around us.

Zion loves you.

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