Sunday, September 27, 2020

Very Angry, Very Tired, Very Pained

 Instead of the “Why” Series. I decided to take a break and tell you few things I’m angry about.


I’m angry that 60% of Nigerian men can’t help any young lady without asking her to get naked. I'm angry that most times it's quite difficult to be “Just friends” with any guy without some form of sexual advancement happening at some point. I’m angry that the general society thinks it’s ‘Ok’ for men to cheat continuously, but stones are cast when the woman does it( This isn’t even a feminist view, so shut it).

I'm angry that 80% of your family members won’t support your dreams; your greatest fans and customers are mostly strangers. I’m angry that over 80% of educated youths are unemployed and left to roam the streets with their suits and file cases jumping buses from one interview to the other.

I’m angry that some parents use their “parenthood” to blackmail their kids e.g “I suffered for you, I sent you to school, I cloth you feed you”… You chose to have children, it became a job the moment you decided as a couple to have them. Parents need to stop blackmailing their kids and expecting too much from them. Instead, pray for them, wish them well, and watch them take care of you till your old age with all the love and care in the world. Sometimes you wonder why some men move far away from home and only send money to their parents; most times it’s the nagging.

Moving forward…

I’m angry that our government is busy approving loans for petty renovations while Kaduna is a mess and the rest of the country is suffering severe economic meltdown thanks to diverse misappropriations.

I’m angry that the government gets to get away with increasing tariffs on everything. I’m angry that ASUU can decide to go on strike for months without putting into consideration the well-being of students.


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  1. I'm angry that electricity bills have increased and we are doing nothing about it instead we are putting all our Interest in Big brother Naija.


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