Sunday, October 11, 2020

3 Reasons #EndSars Wont Change Anything


  1. When I Heard Nigerian Youths Are Protesting

For a second i was like "Nigerian youths are whaaaaaaaaaat?" Oh wow, thats new. We could boldly say this is the first time in the history of Nigeria in the twentieth century, that youths would pour out enmasse to protest against any form of injustice. Our ability to adhere and conform to anything, has permitted our government to shove a lot of down our throats without fear of protest or sanction. Year in, year out, loads of injustice, misappropriation, and acts of terrorism were left unchecked; Even government-sponsored chaos. We could talk about  ASUU's year-long strike actions, fuel hike, boko-haram, fulani herdsmen, the inconvenient okada-ban, and more.... All these were equally as important as the EndSars. But there was no protest.


2. Y'all Just Had To Wait Till BigBrotherNaija Was Over

Like a child watching his favorite cartoon, he wont know how hungry he is until the cartoon ends. You get my point? Exactly. While nationwide,everyone was obsessed with "who would emerge as the winner of bbnaija", Asuu refused to end the strike, fuel hike happened, naira devaluation happened(again), youths were killed, kaduna killings got bloodier, the government was looting funds, getting loans after loans, commissioning one irrelevant thing or the other; If we calculate how much this country dey owe ehn, e reach make china buy us. No move was made until Big Brother ended, suddenly everyone is awake, the scale fell from our eyes. They would never take us serious.


3. When I Heard They've Ended Sars

Then we saw the clause in the amendment "will be redeployed to other police commands, service, and units"... Ahn ahn, una dey whine us ni?

So Mr Macaroni slept outside for nothing? Abi Aisha Yesufu turned herself into statue of liberty for nothing? The prevailing fact is that we need to keep our heads up, our voices cant be heard if we are not saying anything

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