Thursday, October 8, 2020

3 Reasons You Really Have To Be Good To People


  1. You Get What You Give

Leaving karma aside, and the unending bias of "What goes around comes around", in life, you truly get what you give. When you are naturally a nice/good person and you do good to others from the goodness of your heart; even if they didn't pay you back, strangers will. You wonder how? Have you ever gotten the littlest favors from people you didn't expect? Has God shown up for you at a time you least expected?

Unexpected alerts from people that normally stingy?  Have you ever shed tears of joy because you got  job you didn't even deserve or some unmerited blessings that leave you wondering "How come?", well, thats how it works. You do good without expecting anything in return and the universe naturally pays you back by putting people in strategic places to help you. If you fall in this category, dont change. There is huge blessing attached to being good.

2. You Can't Get Away With Hurting Others


Hypocrisy is dangerous. Dont call something a sin just because you dont do it, but then justify other bad things because they are generally acceptable. E.g condemning people that sit at beer parlors to  drink beer, classifying them as low class sinners because you drink Hennessy in the comfort of your home; Gossiping about girls that go to clubs and bare their bodies, meanwhile you are secretly doing worse...

Little drops of water makes a mighty ocean like they usually say, so also, just as little acts of kindness go a long way, hateful actions cut deep too. Be careful of the words you say, the things you, the actions that hurt others even when you feel they would never know. Be careful how you talk about people behind their backs and smile in their faces, how you backbite or use people only when their beneficial to you. It all comes back.

Have you ever seen people suffering the consequences of a deed? A wrong they committed probably committed several years back? Trust me, its never a good thing to see.


3. Let Your Heart Be Pure


Let your intentions be pure, be genuinely nice. Dont give just because you hope to get it back, dont be nice to people in their faces just to gossip behind their back. Dont say "I Love you" unless you mean it, dont string people along if you dont have the intention of standing by their side. Dont pretend to care, be blunt and straightforward at all times. Hypocrisy is dangerous like i said earlier.

A pure heart will have a beautiful life, even when things are hard, you'd always be safe and secure. Every "Thank you" every "God bless you" you say to people will always come back stand in Grace for you when things go south. Help will show up for you in the rarest places. No matter how hard things could be around you, you'll always be protected and you'll see that there will always be a reason to smile and be grateful.


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